***NOTE***Don't get caught up with guilds that have only been around for a few months. We have been around for a few years and are still going strong. Don't risk spending your money to transfer to a guild that isn't filling raids and will be dead next week, using up not only your time, but money as well. Check us out, as we are established, and have a strong leadership core dedicated to the progression of the guild***


With Cataclysm raiding underway, we are looking to expand our roster. Because of this, we are looking for highly skilled players who excel at their class and can maximize time spent while raiding to be the most effective they can be. I'm a strong believer that progression is reliant on your members and the best guilds will only progress if they know they will have the same 25 people on every night for the content. This is our goal. We will not tolerate people being late without a valid reason, habitually missing raids, or performing below our standards in a raid.

RAID TIMES: Monday - Thursday, 8pm to 11pm PST.


Holy Paladin
Death Knight
Ranged DPS (Warlock, Hunter, Boomkin, Shadow Priest)

Even if your class isn't listed, if you're a skilled player striving for progression, apply anyway. We operate on a BEST come, BEST raid basis.



12/12 Normal
***Nefarian, Cho'gall, and Al'akir DOWN!***

6/13 Heroic
Blackwing Descent

Bastion of Twilight
Halfus Wyrmbreaker

Throne of Four Winds
Conclave of Wind

WotLK Progression: Light of the Dawn, Tribute to Insanity, No Light in the Darkness

To apply, visit our website at www.morscerta.com

Your app is your first impression, so be thorough!

Any questions, please contact one of our recruiting officers on our forums or in game: Chimii or Strifelol

My real ID is [email protected] if you want to avoid creating a level 1 alt on our server. You can also e-mail that address with any questions.