Occult is an established Horde guild on the server of Jaedenar(US) who were at the forefront of competitive raiding.
Occult is opening its doors in hopes to find new recruits that want to raid, and raid competitively.
We normally raid Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 8:00 PM (EST) to Midnight giving us a total of 12 raiding hours throughout the week. Invitations go out at 7:45PM.
We are raiding 10 mans currently but are flexible to raid 25 mans given the attendance rate of our members.

What we need:

Healers, preferably restoration shamans.

Dps, preferably Hunters and Mages with an ability and a focus to better themselves in every aspect of their game.

Competent players who can learn from their mistakes and know basic game mechanics such as what to stand in and what not to stand in.

What we can offer:

A solid raiding structure consisting of raiders who have been at the forefront of progress since Vanilla WoW. This is a no nonsense guild when it comes to raiding, we take progress seriously and expect the same from our members.

A good community willing to help in order to better our experience as a whole. Although our members are often very serious about what we do and how we go about it, there is a very light atmosphere within the guild. This allows for some levity under stressful situations.

Our loot system:

<Occult> runs on a Loot council that distributes loot based on a number of things ranging from individual attendance and performance to whom it will benefit the most at the time. This way our players do not feel left out but at the same time we keep an even gear distribution amongst our raiders.

While Occult is recruiting it does not mean that we will accept everyone. We will test the person applying to make sure they have a basic knowledge of their class and can learn from their past experiences. We want those that are dedicated and those who play WoW to see its content and experience its difficulty. As a guild we have officers that have been through it all, and have all the knowledge required to move forward in this game. You don't have to be a professional at what you do to get in, if you've hardly raided before and think you have what it takes to start know then whisper our officers and join our ranks.

Who to contact:

On server:
Constantine, Dodson, Jacked, Cuniowns, Clownspike, Alzaroth and Tahrone.

You may also find us on WoWProgress under Jaedenar, US for a link to our website.

Occult looks forward to hearing from you.