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    One of my favorite moments was during a low level WSG where they had the flag safely in their base.
    One of our random scrubs said "omg we need a legion to take the flag back".
    I got the berserker buff and soloed the healer + EFC. That was fun.

    At 85 it without a doubt was when I soloed the EFC resto shaman while getting punded by a DK and a hunter, then I proceeded to kill the DK, run away (without getting restealth) and then kill the hunter aswell. They all had 120k+ and the hunter even had 135+ but for some reason they never managed to kill me.
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    Me: 61 demo lock
    them: 61 lock, 70 lock
    feared 61 lock, felguard on 70 lock + dots
    I'm left standing

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    I killed someone. Once.
    As a Frost Mage.
    Never again.

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    I PvP about as much as Snooki reads Shakespeare, but my son and I had a cool moment back in BC. I had defended Org, I think, with my mage, ported to Shattrath and logged, flagged for PvP. The next morning, we log on to do some Nagrand quests, and I had not realized I was still flagged. My son, a rogue, was in stealth when I noticed i was being attacked by two players. He managed to stun one, and I was able to blink away, and, low on HP, managed to kill one and he finished off the other. The funny thing was I turned off my flag, but they kept coming back to try to "get us", and we wiped them up about 5 or 6 times before they gave up. It was a lot of fun, but I still prefer PvE.

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    In the end of WotLK, me (Hunter) and my friend (Resto Shammy) held Stables in AB against six alliance for the entire match, but the rest of the team failed, so we nearly lost.

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    Me, my brother and one of our friends were doing 3v3 (Rshamy, Rogue & DK) we were doing fine and all.. untill our DK friend forgot to enter the battle... i was like so close to just /quit but i didn't. So we were playing 2v3 and we won the crap anyway, after that match i couldn't make my hands stop shaking xD

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    I killed a frost mage in full PvP gear. As a warrior. Need I say more?
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    Most epic pvp moment was on my hunter (was SV specced). Jumped off the cliff in eots and a DK was on me, jumped off the cliff, popped deterrence (wtih 2/2 reflect talent), and the dk deathgripped me, and I disengaged back to the flag zone fly dk fly!

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    Wrecking ball :D

    Got a 32/0 score in Strands when i was roaming for Wreckingball Achivement
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    2 Manning a full 25M naxx geared rogue (me and my friend were both in very crap gear), who had a 20 stack tenacity buff and both surviving with 80% HP. Just epic.....

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    i killed 9 frost mages and like 8 ninjas and then a truck of 50 billion ninja beat that sup?

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    Mine has to be when i was playing my warlock and i was helping a nab friend of mine cap points (extremely low mmr)... que popped and he missed it.

    I soloed a double DK team. They were horrific.. both deathgripped me at the same time etc, they both had around 2k resi and i was fully epic at the time near enough. was quite funny as a dk with a brain doesnt really have any trouble really... Oh it was also on ruins of lordrian (or however its spelt)

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    Was doing rated 2v2 with a friend just for fun (warrior-warrior setup). Right at the start I get disconnected and my friend goes in alone against mage/rogue. he manages to get the rogue down to 15% before he dies and I get reconnected so I finish off the rogue and somehow I manage to beat down the mage and win the match. (ye I know they couldn't have been that good, but it was fun) D

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    Was in battle for gilneas. So, I was just PvPing for fun on my huntard, and I saw a resto shaman swimming along the coast. I charged after him. The chase ended up lasting 5 mins, and then a rogue decided to ruin the fun :<
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    Season 8 3s me as an affil lock 3vs1 to win SO lame i wasnt frapsing, i now fraps everything and nothing that epic happens :S

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    Last week, just got full cat greens as a 77 questing in Icecrown. 2 horde attack and gank me while a 79 dk and an 80 boomkin.

    I guess they thought it was funny until I found them by the quest turn in. They tried to attacks again and I camped them and a third lowly Wrath geared horde for 30 mins of adrenaline lol, THAT FELT GOOD!

    I was playing Cat Druid

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    Winning against players that have been rank 1 multiple times on my Battlegroup on my way to the 2500 rating that I reached in season 8 playing 3s.

    Also,ending every bg that I got in during the same season with 30-1 or something similar - fun times!
    Made no further progress in season 9 though since I quit wow in mid-December because of exams. Gonna start playing again in 1 month though (yeah,I got a little sidetracked,I know).

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    Spending 30 odd minutes going back and forth in an epic cat fight, female Draenei Prot Pally vs female Blood Elf Prot Pally. We eventually had all of Booty Bay circled around us watching, both of us pulling every trick we could get our light blessed hands on. Divine Shield, Lay On Hands, Potions, Bandages, Engineering trinkets, Gift of The Naruu, Arcane Torrent, you name it. It came down to a very lucky Avenging Wrath > Hammer Of Justice > Crusader Strike > Hammer Of Wrath, thankfully, in my favour.

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    soloing 2 ret pallies and a rogue at hangar in isle of conquest, wish i had it on video. I did some major kiting and dotting with a few fears, and thank god for demonic portal OPness.

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    My best moment was waaaay back in Vanilla, not too long after battlegrounds were introduced.

    I leveled a Warlock to 60, and had "a modest amount of gold" (back then, having like 600g was actually A LOT OF GOLD).

    I made a nightelf druid, and leveled him to 39, the level right before everyone can get their mounts (again, vanilla). I used my gold from my warlock to basically buy the best armor a 39 druid could wear (there was a welpling armor, can't recall the name, but had a chance on being struck to cast Entangling Roots on enemies). Got all the best armor, got a nice staff, and threw +25agility enchant on it, was feral spec'd.

    Let's just say when I did WSG, I would 3 cap usually in about 3 to 4 minutes. Being level 39 meant if I got into the open field I could not be caught, since no one had mounts. Hunters could "sort of" catch up to me, but all I had to do was 1 moonfire on them to daze them in cheetah aspect then I could shapeshift back to my own cheetah and take off.

    Also, back in the day, druids were kind of "1 stop shops" in the sense that I could actually be a pretty good healers as well as DPS. I could pop out of cat form, throw rejuv and it would generally heal about 35 - 45% of my health. I didn't do amazing damage though compared to say a rogue or warrior at the time, but since I could heal constantly I could just outlast most classes.

    Definitely OP flag carrier at level 39. I had TONS of people on my realm adding me as friends and wanting to queue with me.

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