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    During TBC, I was mind numbingly bored of tile jumping in IF on my rogue. So I headed to South shore looking for people that deep down I knew would rather log over to their mains and kill the guy ganking their alt. I snagged a Hunter & Mage, at first I thought I was going to mildly regret this decision but lucky me for the next 30-45 minutes instead of camping their alts I was camping their mains.

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    During the last arena season in WotLK a few of my friends, as well as myself, decided to give the gladiator thing a whack. We eventually got the hang of it, obtained a decent rating (2300+ derp), and along the way had a ton of fun. Eventually we got just as bored of it as we did of endlessly grinding ICC and started a 5v5 to help gear up alts in Wrathful Gladiator. Thus the 5v5 team "Fantastic Four" was born. Late one night, one of our usual players was absent and we still needed a few more games to finish out the week's 10. We grabbed an old raiding buddy of ours and queued up.

    What you see below was the moment that took place... 38 minutes later. The rogue on green team disconnected, queue popped and the rest of the team charged into the arena ready to spill blood and what not. To top off the awesome win...erm... griefing, it turns out we only needed one more win for the long elusive 10x consecutive wins. Pretty awesome right?

    http *colon slash slash* img146 *dot* imageshack *dot* us/img146/9903/oopskz.jpg

    TL;DR - We had a 5s team intended for grinding up alts, a member D/Ced at the start and we did awesome things.

    Also, dear Mods, I lurk hard but never post. I actually created an account to contribute and to give tribute to an awesome guild that is long gone. Please don't hate me.

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    I'm not good at PVP. anyway, mine was few weeks ago in Warsong Glutch. An UD mage had our flag and was running around horde fortress with a DK guard. I (ret Pala) chased the EFC for almost two minutes and when Avenging Wrath was off CD, repented the DK, stunned the mage and nuked him to death. It just felt so good!

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    i once played a 5 rogue 5s team that was boxing and it was the most crazy thing ever cus they all would shadowstep at same time

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    Playing TSG on my hpally back in WOTLK, my dk gets dced in the queue and me and the warrior played a 100 higher mmr Ele/Disc/Mage. They emoted the whole time and ran around not playing serious, we started actually putting pressure up and they didnt realize it for too long and we actually won.

    The best part is we play them next game WITH our dk and got stomped out, stupid OP casters in wrath..

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    I think mine would be from this season. Had just started out in 2s(nothing important obviously) and had gotten to about 800 in a few games as disc priest (me)/ hunter. We came up against a DK/warrior team. I got locked down and silenced then they switched to the hunter. Trying to save some mana and expecting her to use her CDs, I let her get too low and she died.

    After she was dead I went into evasive "trolling the other team" mode and just started kiting around the outside of the map. Eventually after about 10 minutes the warrior went down due to my dots. Then I just had the DK to worry about. Finally got a good fear off on him and used my super uber (LOL) disc dps to get him low enough for the ass end of Shadow Word: Pain to kill him.

    Yes. Low rating play. But it was a hell of a match.

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    Epic PVP Fun?: Swifty promised prizes for some event a ways back in WOTLK, roll a lvl1 gnome on our server, he had the fantastic idea to let them run through pvp zones...the skeleton piles were epic
    ^Deepz served here^

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    OP: Must've been so cool. I love that feeling of winning as the underdog.

    I've beaten a few max level toons while I was still several levels below cap, that always feels good.

    But my all time favorite has to be 1v1ing a ret pally in BC on a spire above the elemental plateau. The stakes were high, losing meant you had to spirit rez. (There were/are? no flying mounts while dead in BC). As I was killing the ret pally, his hunter friend tried to come help. The hunter had zero room to maneuver, and once the ret pally was dead, the hunter jumped to his death to avoid a spirit rez.

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    Not really much of a story, but I went 20-1 in an AV match just a few months back.

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    Let me preface this situation by stating that I am a complete carebear. I try to avoid PVP, even though I was on a PVP server at the time (playing with friends, the only reason).

    Near WotLK's release I was leveling my mage, then a lvl 76 frost mage, in Grizzly Hills. I was in the middle of killing a couple of trolls, one caster and one melee, when my shatter barrier went off revealing a lvl 76 rogue about 4 yards behind me trying to get the jump on me.

    The rogue was probably about as surprised as I was to find that he had not only been discovered, but he had to blow a CD to continue the attack. I figured I was going to die, but I was close to killing the NPC's, so I decided to pet freeze the rogue, and try to focus the NPC's before the rogue managed to kill me. In focusing the NPC's, I managed to keep the rogue rooted/snared with a combination of Cone of Cold, Frost armor, Pet freeze, as well as blinking away for relief.

    The 2 NPC's died, and I instinctively Ice Blocked the poisons off, at which point the rogue pops his killing spree. I imagine him/her yelling at their screen "FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU...". After a little more kiting, shatter barrier, and pet freeze, the rogue is dead, and I can't believe what had just happened.

    So in short, I managed to kill a rogue who, for all intents and purposes, should have killed me. But due to a number of factors, including quite a bit of luck, and frankly a lack of skill on their end, I was victorious. I still find the entire encounter unbelievable to this day. It's a humorous story, made even funnier because of my intense aversion to PVP.

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    Killing a level 59 Dk as a level 36 smite priest. He was a keyboard turner :<

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    Well.. Fun part coming! Being a mage on TB, Everytime we go and take one base, in this case it was ICG, i targeted a holy pally, blew time warp, blew mirror images (was trying somethning so i was on my pve gear) and began nuking him as fire, of course i got 2 29k fireball crits, 1 32k pyro crit and i refreshed LB, and then just improved blast wave, impact procced and i did combustion followed by fireblast.. as those who play mages know, impact spreads damage over time effects to targets nearby. so i was watching how my screen was covered wth numbers, and having MikScrollingBattleText addon i was watching how my ui was filled with killing blow xxx... killing blow xxx... killing blow xxx.

    Most epic moment for me lol

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    Mine was in BC.... I was the tank for my guild (small guild) and we all LOVED world pvp. I logged onto vent before jumping on WoW and the whole guild starts yelling for me to go help them out world pvp outside shat. So I jumped on and hearthed to shat. The alliance we were fighting outnumbered my guild, but they kept running inside of shat when my guild would overwhelm them (alliance scum chickens for you). I was flying over to help out and my guild was telling me they had come out of the city and were attacking. I landed between my guildies and the alliance and charged their healer as I landed- and we wiped the floor with them!! It was great! They even brought a second guild to help out but by that time we had a bunch of random Hordie helping and it was a massacre. That's the most fun PvPing I've had next to earning my Black Bear (take THAT magni!)
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    doing 2s one day with my pally friend

    he got nuked

    2v1. warrior (me) vs. 2 frost mages.

    somehow by some act of god i won.

    or once, 4v1 in IoC. shammy, rogue, warrior, priest. charged in, feared, picked the weakest, blew my engie gloves trinket, nuked him, moved to the priest, got him close to dying, vr healed, killed him, took on the warrior, close to dying i vr healed again, killed him, moved on to shammy, stood victorious.

    having vr heal is the best thing blizz has ever done.

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    Playing my 60 twink some time ago I was against 2 equally twinked out characters, a warrior and a shammy, myself being a warrior.
    Killed the shammy without any problem other then getting down to like 60% HP. Then I moved on to the warrior, which I killed aswell but left me with a rend dotting on me. Got out of combat rather quick but noticed I hadn't got any food/bandages on me, so I decided to just let the rend run out and kill me. But it stopped at 1/6790 HP, needless to say I was like "ZOMG" :O got a whisper from the warrior a few minutes later telling me that it was all luck that I beat him and that "cheated" of some sort since I didn't die to his rend >.<

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    My 250th HK. I went looking for someone worthy enough to grant me it.

    Female dwarf shaman. RIP.

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    My favorite was outside SM during Halloween. Me on my Paladin and a Friend on His shaman. We took out like30 alliance there foolish enough to try and kill us. Some of those 30 were repeats but couldn't really tell in the mess who was who just kill kill kill.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dagreightone View Post
    My favorite was outside SM during Halloween. Me on my Paladin and a Friend on His shaman. We took out like30 alliance there foolish enough to try and kill us. Some of those 30 were repeats but couldn't really tell in the mess who was who just kill kill kill.
    Heh I'd forgotten about that. Such good times.

    Thanks dungeon finder

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    i was doing TB dailies this past weekend with my brother a new enhance shmmy he like just started getting gear. we were out by the dock area when 6 horde jumped us. a disc priest demo warlock ret pally frost dk marks hunter and an arms warrior. they pretty much owned him but he got a heroism off before he died... instead of taking the inevitable death i did what i didnt think i could do. blew all my Cds as fury (yes i know bursty as fuck but its 6 people come on) nuked the priest in his pain supp swapped to the hunter and got him low enough to make him deter. i feared the rest of em with intimidating shout and killed the warlock and swaped back to the hunter and nuked him down with whatever HP he had left. at this point im healing my ass off with enraged regen and victory rush procs on kills and just rolling thru people left and right. last person alive was the dk... boy was this a fun fight... right as im getting low on hp i notice i aggrod a mob on me. i kill him get a rush proc and heal up on HP he sacs his ghoul my trinket and deathwish are back up i pop em both and see 20-30k crits and then when all the dust cleared i see dead bodies all around me. and 5 more horde coming for revenge. bitch aint it? i got whispers from the DK the hunter and the priest 2 saying well done and the other a big F**K you for being OP. i was happy none the less. some cool stories in here. great thread.

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