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    So, simple thread.
    Whats your favorite Zelda game?
    My favorite Zelda game for the longest time was Wind Waker. Then I finally played through and beat Ocarina of Time. Amazing game and became my new favorite Zelda game.
    Whats your favorite dungeon?
    Definitely the water temple in Ocarina of Time. No other dungeon in any Zelda game has taken me more than 1 day to clear.

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    Belive it or not while definitely not my favorite Zelda games im probably actually one of the few people in the world that sort of liked the three Zelda games released on the Phillips CD-i. If you try and look at them not as Zelda games they arnt to bad which I guess defeats the whole purpose but really for the time period they came out in they were not nearly as bad as everyone claims they were. They were definitely playable and actually Faces of Evil and Wand of Gamelon are personally my favorite sound tracks of the entire Zelda series even if a lot of the music tracks didnt exactly feel very Zelda like. Even if you think the games are an abomination I would still suggest at least looking up some of the music tracks.

    I also really enjoyed the DS Zelda spin-off Tingles Rose-Tinted Rupee Land.

    But as for all time favorite im going to have to list Twilight Princess just because it delivered what I wanted Nintendo to try at least once with a darker style game in the series. As for favorite dungeon I forget the name of it but it was the mansion covered in ice up on the mountain in TP. I also like the haunted valley ruins dungeon from Majora's Mask, once again I forget the name of it but it was the one with the Giants Mask and the Twinmold boss.
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    Nothing beats the awesomeness that is A Link To The Past.


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    I only played a zelda game for the gameboy color, Wind Waker, Ocarina, Twilight Princess, 4 Swords, and currently Majora's Mask. The ones that are very good are ocarina, wind waker, and twilight princess. Majora's isn't as good but deserves recognition. The rest are meh.

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    Ocarina of time was great
    Majora's Mask was also great
    Link to the Past was also great
    Favorite dungeon was the water dungeon in OoT, the medallion one, not the crystal
    Twilight Princess was okay
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    We just had a thread about this a couple days ago lol.

    But, personally I find it hard to go wrong with the Zelda games, however Ocarina is my favorite, but it was also the first "epic" RPG that I played

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    Ocarina for sure. The first Zelda I played as a kid. How could you like the Water Temple OP!!?! I hated that place going back to each room like 5 times making sure you didn't miss something god that place was a maze of hell, it was well made but made me rage at times lol.

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    If anyone does not say Ocarina of Time they are mental.
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    A link to the past.
    I have the a copy on snes no emulator I hook my Snes on a gold ol' fashion 480 television.
    I'm 17 and lucky to have been able to play these games the way they were meant to be.
    Especially when It's on a projection screen tv still 480 but the tv is 52 inches I believe? Maybe in the 40's.

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    Ocarina of Time is amazing, but I'ma go with Link's Awakening.

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    Overall, I like Majora's Mask more, maybe that's partially because everyone I know prefers OoT over MM. Favorite dungeon however, would be the Spirit Temple (from OoT). Face it, Twinrova has the best boss fight music in the game and the mirror shield is awesome.

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    Well Twilight Princess holds a very special place in my heart because I am a huge wolf lover and having link basically be a werewolf in that game was very awesome and isn't really a fair contest anymore.

    I also love A Link to the Past as a second place, and former favorite before wolf link existed. Ocarina of Time was also pretty epic, and the original deserves props too just for being amazing as it was and having consumed many hours of my childhood. Matter of fact i've probably spent more game time playing the original than any other zelda game since.

    The trend of always having link as some small child is really getting old though. I could deal with it in Ocarina because it actually added to the story to traverse through time between the child-era and the adult-era and you had unique items for each and the child link never really fought anything too hardcore unlike adult link. Any game where he is a perma-kid irks me, though I have played them all and will continue to play them all because I think link is one of the most amazing characters ever.

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    My favorite hands down is Ocarina of Time. Might be rose-tinted glasses, but I have my reason. All Zelda games hold a certain spot in my heart. ALttP was before my time, but I really enjoyed playing through it. It is THE best 2D Console Zelda. Four Swords Adventures, the Gamecube game, was probably the most nostalgiac. Loved the GBA integration. Twilight Princess did everything right imho, but i still enjoy going back to OoT and doing speed runs with various rules. My favorite being, fastest times and never get more than three hearts >:]

    My only problem with Wind Waker, is not the boat traveling nor the cel-shading. I'll look for the old article mentioning this, but Nintendo left out TWO ENTIRE DUNGEONS. Totally disappointed me. They leave you high and dry, with very vague clues, and they forced you to complete the sea chart, and by doing so the fish gives you directions to the Fire and Ice islands. Sadly those two islands were in place of the Fire and Water temples, and were missing because Nintendo rushed to release it. =/

    Close in second is Majora's Mask. It took me a long time to track down an expansion pack to play it, but luckily when I got my Gamecube, it came with the Collevtor's Edition Zelda <3, and on GC is where I finally beat it 100%. Still have the old N64 golden cartridges!
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    Should add a poll imo.

    Of course ocarina is my favorite. How could it not be?

    A lot of people didn't like it, but to be perfectly honest, I really enjoyed Wind Waker and its cartoon art direction. I thought it was beautiful.

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    My only problem with Wind Waker, is not the boat traveling nor the cel-shading. I'll look for the old article mentioning this, but Nintendo left out TWO ENTIRE DUNGEONS. Totally disappointed me. They leave you high and dry, with very vague clues, and they forced you to complete the sea chart, and by doing so the fish gives you directions to the Fire and Ice islands. Sadly those two islands were in place of the Fire and Water temples, and were missing because Nintendo rushed to release it. =/
    Is that really true? For shame nintendo!

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    The play style for Wind Waker was something that I expected in a Zelda game, once you got into the dungeons it really felt like a Zelda Game but the graphics were atrocious, I prefer the graphics from the NES than those kiddie paper-esque graphics.

    My favorite Zelda titles are:

    Ocarina of Time: Possibly my all time favorite video game.
    Twilight Princess
    Link's Awakening
    Majora's Mask
    Wind Waker: Hated the graphics but it did give me my Zelda fix.

    P.S. In before trolls: Zelda is the princess, Link is the main character, if you dare sully the name again the video game gods will devour your soul.
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    Oracle of Seasons and Time for GBA best eva!

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    I personally loved wind waker's graphics, but I'd say Ocarina just because I've played it so many times.

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    I think I'd have to go with Majoras Mask. I actually enjoyed doing the side quest to get all the masks and become the OP Fierce Deity. The story was much darker and the world was much more interactive, but small since the game was based on a time limit. The masks and changing forms was awesome, the bunny hood helped SO MUCH over just spamming the A button.

    Ocarina of Time had a wide array of weapons which was cool, but mainly cause you had Young Link and Mature Link. I really liked how there was a sidequest for the powerful weapon, Biggoron's Sword, which opted for more dmg but sacrificing a shield so you couldn't block and you had to evade attacks. And you could swap out equipment like using regular boots or hoverboots. Also 3 heart and broken knife challenge is fun =)

    Wind Waker was also a very fun game and very underrated. A lot of people were thrown off by the new cell-shading art style. I found it made the game brighter and much more... friendly game, which is what I think people didn't like because it felt too kiddish. It introduced the new reactive combat system that TP has and a much more fluid swordplay than OoT and MM, mainly because it was on an entirely new console so better engine, and you could disarm you opponents and use their weapons against them. The traveling was just annoying since it took forever to get from island to island.

    Twilight Princess had some very fun boss battles. Out of all the games, TP's boss battles I found were the most fun. Ocarina of Time was just stupid when you got Nayru's Love. Majora's Mask battles weren't very hard, there was always a way to easily beat them unless you fought every fight, cept Gyorg, as Human Link. Wind Waker battles were rehashed Ocarina of Time battles some unique encounters, but not challenging in the slightest. TP's story was really good, but I think there was way too much running around. I didn't find the world that immersive, mostly just wasted space. Also TP's sidekick, Midna, is my favorite and I hope she returns or makes a cameo later on. Overall TP improved on a lot of what OoT had, more sidequest stuff, more special attacks, equipment, though I'm really disappointed that they never brought back a big 2h sword(I know Link isn't Cloud, but changing up fighting styles was really fun and I hope they bring that back in Skyward Sword)

    Though one thing that is always awesome with the Zelda series, and most great series, is they have an awesome soundtrack. I love Wind Waker's soundtrack over all the 3D Zelda games. Can't wait for Skyward Sword, looking forward to the Wii-motion specific sword strokes and new items, though I'm not a fan of the new graphic style. They should've either stayed TP-realistic style or just another Toon Link, mixing is kind of eh to me, but that's only my opinion- they might've been attempting to bring back OoT/MM style on the Wii but updated.

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    OoT was simply mindblowing back then ... i was honestly in awe while playing. The game had an amazing feel, was huge .. i spent hours just fishing .. i'll stick with OoT as the best because it was easily the console game that i most enjoyed playing in my life.

    Link to the past is simply amazing as well .. but i only played it a couple of years later on emulator .. i didn't actually play it on Snes. But i was still amazed by how huge and difficult the game was.. beautifull graphics etc ... how much they pushed Snes to it's limits on adding music etc.

    Wind waker will be my third because of the graphic ... the game is simply beautifull. Its one of kind. The story etc, is extremelly nice as well, and after OoT, the best soundtrack ... the musics are simply awesome. Also, the controls and animations (combat animation as well) are extremelly well done .. simply loved them. The only thing that i thought it was a bit bad was that the game is incredibly short compared to the others, and it's somewhat annoying to sail from island to island. I mean .. it would be fun if it was like half a dozen big landmass and you could sail between them .. but those tiny little rocks in the middle of the ocean was damn annoying.

    Twilight princess while i really liked the combat, story etc .. i think the "shadow world" is extremelly annoying, and the soundtrack of the game is lacking. Musics simply switch back and forth .. everytime you get in combat the music shifts and not necessarily to something related .. plus the shadow world "sound" is the most annoying thing possible. I think the only place where the music really fits and adds epicness is against the yeti chick that is kind of a fast paced piano + something. And the game overall is stupidly easy.
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    Wind Waker and Majoras Mask

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