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    Ocarina of Time, my cousin introduced me to it, I used to run around in the starting area for no reason and thought it was a blast. I eventually figured out how to beat it (had a grow up a little lol), and have beat it more times than I can count now. Its my all time favorite game, and i own virtually every version of it (English copies) I can think of. Master quest, GC collectors edition disc, N64 Cartridge.... maybe drawing a blank on more, but i intend to buy a 3DS solely to have OOT portable in 3D.

    Favorite temple? Id say spirit temple, just because of how excited i was the first time i got to it!

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    [QUOTE=Papalenin;11054688]Should add a poll imo.

    Of course ocarina is my favorite. How could it not be?

    A lot of people didn't like it, but to be perfectly honest, I really enjoyed Wind Waker and its cartoon art direction. I thought it was beautiful.[COLOR="red"]

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    THIS!!!! the only fatal mistake of windwaker is the -shiver- the side walking.... i still have nightmares..

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    A Link to the Past.

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    I've played mostly the hand held ones along with Major's mask and Twilight princess. Though I've heard that Ocarina of time is the best (would love to get my hands on it) from the ones I've played Twilight Princess is the best with the Oracle games a close second.
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    One of the best threads i have ever seen.

    my favorite, hands down Ocarina of Time, i bought the 3DS just because i wanted a portable version of that game. OoT is my No.1 game, nothing beats it. I love Twilight Princess and Majora's Mask as well (admittibly the later didn't make nearly as much sense when i first played it, now it makes alot more, age makes a difference).
    I can't wait to get my hands on Skyward Sword, and those of you that haven't seen OoT on the 3DS with your own eyes yet, you need to check it out because it is Beautiful.
    As for favorite temple. Hmm thats hard. I love the Deku Tree and Dongo Cavern in OoT. In MM i loved its Fire Temple as well, that boss was just so much fun. Twilight princess had some awesome temples, i think the one with the yeti along with the story leading to the temple was insane, but i can't say that the darkness realm as you venture to Zant wasn't insanely fun aswell. I enjoyed the fire temple in OoT, the water temple, despite being annoying, had some of the best fights in them (Shadow Link was highly enjoyable). I can't decide -_-

    Overall, the entire series is the best out there. <3 Zelda games.
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    Definitely wind waker...for a few reasons

    1.) I loved Ganondorf's character. The whole grey area villain is something I've always been fond of...and samurai are pretty cool and stuff. Ganon in most of the other Zelda games is just....flat. He's evil...and that's about it.
    2.) There were several moment that made me chuckle a bit to myself. I do enjoy laughing at cheap jokes and goofy expressions.

    Of course, OoT is the one that reinvented the series. And Yes, Link to the Past probably carries the most nostalgia for me, as it was the first Zelda game I played (followed by Adventures of Link then finally the original). Those three, in my mind, are the strongest contenders. Majora's Mask didn't do it for me, and most of the handheld Zelda games didn't quite have the scope I enjoy (although Minish cap and Phantom Hourglass were both great. And let's not forget Link's Awakening. Seasons and ages were kinda meh). Twilight Princess, in my opinion, is the worst in the series. I don't know why, but I found the story rather bland and the ending was just didn't enchant me like the other endings did. I'd probably say my top 5 are:

    1.) Wind Waker
    2.) Link to the Past (the nostalgia is too strong)
    3.) OoT
    4.) Phantom Hourglass (the controls were executed beautifully)
    5.) Minish Cap (hunting for those puzzle piece things was just awesome)

    Favorite the one in Link to the Past where you get the 2nd pair of gloves, just because the end boss was a big surprise for me as a kid.
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    Ocarina of Time is my favorite, and I didn't even play it myself when I saw it through the first time - mostly just watched my neighbour (who was also a 7 or 8 year old kid back then) play it. What added to the epicness and mysticism was that we didn't really know any English back then, and thus the names of a lot of places sounded awesome after his mother translated them to us. I still remember when we asked her what "Spirit Temple" meant when first entering it - just made me think "this place has got to be awesome".

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    The only Zelda game I played from start to finish is Wind Waker. Have started on Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess but never finished them(I have a bad habit of buying games playing halfway through then stop because I take a break from the playing and never return).
    I will buy the new Zelda game that comes out later this year, probably won't finish that one either

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    Oracle of Seasons seem to be forgotten, loved that game!

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    The legend of zelda - Nintendo 64
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    I loved every Zelda game I've played (I've basically played them all apart from the first 2) but if I really have to pick the very best that would be Ocarina of time,probably because of nostalgia,since I enjoyed Wind Waker and A Link to the Past as much.

    As for my favorite dungeon,that would be the Desert in OoT. It kinda had ti all,good atmosphere,nice aesthetics,great music,it was original,fun and hard.

    Edit : Make a poll please!
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    SNES - A Link To The Past
    Played it lots of times back then, again on simulators and have great difficulties naming a game (even besides Zelda) with such a depth and overall replay-value.
    Ocarina of time would be my Nr. 2.
    The only game I played comparably often (beside our beloved Wow) would probably be "Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders". But that's not Zelda, so it doesn't count.

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    Ocarina of Time is my all-time favourite Zelda game, so nostalgic <3
    I also enjoyed Twilight Princess on the wii.
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    I'd have to say a Link to the past.
    That bring back the most memories.
    While I have played most of the other zelda games, I never felt as "bound" to then as Lttp. My pixelated friend was made of pure awesome.

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    Ocarina of Time!

    I just loved the Sand Temple! Epic (creepy) music in a deserted temple (which actually wasn't deserted).
    Just remembered... I still have my N64 and OoT... Perhaps I'll play some when I get home.

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    Probly Ocarina of time, mainly nostalgia reasons though. Played Majora's mask 2 years ago and really loved it too(was just way too hard and creepy when I started it as a kid).
    Minish cap and windwaker were amazing too though.

    so its probly:

    1. OoT
    2. WindWaker, Minish Cap, MM
    3. lttp
    4. tp

    Fav dungeon would be forest temple from OoT, that music just freaked me out everytime.

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    For me it is also a link to the past. Really one of the games that brings me back to when I was young.
    I also played the original legend of zelda which was awesome but everytime I think of that I hear that annoying music again haha. Though I still would prefer it over OoT. Mostly because I was around 16 back then and not interested in gaming. I played it just to finish it which wasn't that hard. In that regard I prefer WW more.

    Worst for me is Zelda 2 though.

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    Ocarina of Time and Majoras Mask. MM does not get the recognition it deserves, superb game. Plus it has the best soundtracks imo.


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    been playing spiral knight lately. it's like a snes zelda mmo.

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    A Link to the Past was pretty awesome. My fondest memories of it are the actual hard dungeons - it's been too long since a dungeon has been genuinely hard and challenging. Lately, all the Zelda dungeons have been incredibly linear and boring. OOT had some challenging dungeons - the water, spirit, and forest temples were all challenging and fun, but Wind Waker was a pathetic travesty and Twilight Princess didn't have many challenging dungeons. I remember liking the Lakebed Temple, and the Forest Temple in TP was amazing for a first dungeon - perfect example of how a first dungeon should be designed. The Time temple in TP was interesting, although its mini-boss was too easy, and the puzzles should have been more challenging - it had an interesting concept, and i enjoyed it because you actually fought alot in it. TPs greatest drawback in terms of gameplay has always been that despite an amazing combat system, there are hardly any chances to use it.

    I actually really enjoyed Spirit Tracks. I know most people detest Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks, but i absolutely love them. The dungeons in Phantom Hourglass were pure awful, although i did in fact like the temple of the ocean king, but the very last boss of the game, Phantom Linebeck, could probably be the best, and hardest boss in the Zelda games if his attack hit for say, triple the amount of hearts. I liked spirit tracks because it had the best music in any zelda game i've come across, although it was annoying as hell to play the pipes since i use an original DS with a shiity mic. That said, the last boss encounter was pretty sweet - if slightly too easy, it had amazing music and was fun. Also, Staven eminated badass. Love that guy (known as Byrne to american players). The dungeons were a little bit easy, with the exception of the last one, but that was pretty badly designed. The bosses were nice though, and Fraaz was an amazing boss - for a player with 4 hearts who hasn't had time to practice him and learn to avoid those massive ice patches, whew. Tricky.

    Wind Waker was a pathetic attempt at a zelda game. Pure bloody awful. I actually quite liked the graphics - i thought they were interesting (yes, i am being serious. Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks used the same ones obviously). The dungeons were awful. While PH and ST may have had dungeons that were just as bad, at least they didn't pretend to be anything but completely linear, and most of them were blissfully short. Wind Wakers dungeons were easy as hell, and suffocatingly linear. The bosses were awful too. The Wind Temple was the closest they got to a decent temple, and it had nice music, but it didn't quite cut it. If anyone disagrees with me, then i have about an entire page long post about it (with good reasons) on another forum. I'm sure i could drag it up for any interested.

    Twilight Princess was good, right up until the ending. The Temple in the Sky was almost physically painful. After 2 straight hours of double clawshotting through this mind-dump without any challenge, i was ready to give up. I mean seriously, a LITTLE overboard there. Also, the Zant boss fight just pushed it over the edge for me. I mean what the HELL? After an entire game of setting him up as a pretty cool, badass villian, he just starts running around like a clown, spassing out, and being a moron? And it wasn't even a hard fight. Then they sort of shunted Ganon in right at the last minute to act as a real last boss. Please...

    All that said, OOT, Majoras Mask, and ST were all fun games. In the end, PH and TP were not too bad either.
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