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    the easiest class to play

    what is the easiest DPS class in PvE ? by easy i mean quite easy rotation, most preferably wotlk retri-like but i dont think any class is as easy as that now.

    and which class is the best damage dealer in raids right now ?

    thanks in advance

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    yay the daily "the easiest class to play" thread yay

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    There you have a list of how well each class is performing on each boss or overall
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    Shitting is currently easier than playing ret in a basic environment.

    Depends on if you're interested in heroics/raids and if so, what difficulty and content. Maybe I'm just bias from playing paladin so long, but keeping track of 1 buff and the other time mashing whatever glows and still giving out decent enough numbers for 9/12, you want a ret paladin.
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    A lot of classes have simple base rotations but lots of little tips to totally maximize dps, such as boomkins. What specifically were you looking for.
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    Best damage dealer varies per fight, per spec, per raid composition due to buffs, if any specific task is assigned to the dps in question, and what the skill and experience level of the player is.
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    I voted for Tauren. Wait, there wasn't a poll?

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    I like rouge.. so not easy.

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    Mage in terms of rotation, You can't really pinpoint on the "best" dps. It can vary depending on environment and raid setup

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    For the best, check the link Bhoomiboii posted.

    Easiest rotation...suppose it's an Arcane mage. They arent great dps though.

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    The EASIEST rotation by far is Boomkin.

    Starfire to Solar Eclipse, dot up, pop trinkets, starfall, treants, spam Sunfire and reapply dots until boss dies. Use up to 7 Starsurge procs during the fight whenever you want (usually during increase damage phases). Innervate, Tranquility and b-res the raid as needed. Thats a total of 6 buttons to worry about and 3 situational cooldowns to help the raid.

    Barkskin when anticipating heavy damage, use shrooms/typhoon in some aoe situations, if not tab-sunfire spam.

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    Arcane Mage.

    There's not a single doubt about it.
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    I like rouge.. so not easy.
    Yea, it is difficult to apply "rouge" to your face.

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    Yea, it is difficult to apply "rouge" to your face.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bhoomiboii View Post
    there you have a list of how well each class is performing on each boss or overall
    stop linking oh my lord it's worse than gearscore

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    isn't these threads against rules?

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    Any melee except feral would be a good start.
    I wont name arcane mage cos its not even viable
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    Another of these? It's like nobody knows how to use search or something....

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    My shadow priest has a pretty simple rotation, but I play casually when it comes to raids/heroics. So It may be different in those situations.

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    I mean, you see his nick, his posts number and still answer to his thread? Trollz everywhere

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