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    How many TB dailies are there


    So when i walk into TB and it owned by horde i can get 12 dailies. One of guildies was trying to tell me you could do 24 a day. Is this possible?

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    I don't think so aha, I could be wrong ofc...but to my knowledge you cannot get 24 in a day

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    You have the 6-8 quests on the Peninsula you can do at any time. I think there's a total of 12 quests that the server randomly selects every day.

    The Main Island has 3 daily quests + 3 that are connected to a specific mini-dungeon. You'll only have access to one mini-dungeon after a battle but the mini-dunegon quests are rotated after every battle.

    I know I didn't explain very well but it basically means that you can do all 3 mini-dungeons if you re-visit TB after each battle. (assuming you win)

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    18 is the hiest, 6 from the north island + 12 from the south
    when you are in control of the south island 2 npc's spawn with 3 quests each.
    one of these npc's is always there but the other is random,
    the random npc will give you 3 of 9 quests and can change upon each battle victory.
    so the most badges you can get a day is 19 ( due to TANK giving 2)

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    6 on the main island.

    3 fixed (Problim, croc hides, 12 alliance/horde) and 3 more that can be picked from 3 sets (totaling 9 possible quests). So 12 on the pvp island + 6 on the main island = 18 quests total.

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    Thanks, that is perfect. So if i can get 18 a day i can get the mount in like 11 days.. w00t. THanks again

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