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    Water, or apple juice is my fruit juice of choice. Energy from coffee and energy drinks is borrowed and you get hit for it later on.

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    Water. Plain and simple.

    Quote Originally Posted by Disenchanted View Post
    This thread demands this vid:

    I see your Powerthirst and raise you Powerthirst Re-Donimation!!

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    Cappuccino with a double espresso dropped in it followed by a red bull chaser.

    This will literally keep you going for hours
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    Water, just plain water, I more of a night person. and I love water

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    Super Bock!!!

    A friend of mine used to say during TBC:

    "Dude, go grab that Super Bock or you won't be able to tank the Flames AHAHAH"

    Never gets old... that and during arenas eheheh

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    Blue or purple Amp

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    Its crack in a can.
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    Espresso (usually a macchiatto or a latte) and lots of cold cold water.

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    Monster (Lo-Carb)
    It's just awesome.

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    aaaa looooooooooooooooooooooong fap. or just 7g rocks with tiger blood.
    Quote Originally Posted by Suikoden View Post
    that is incredibly random and i love it.

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    normally water(though i cheat and add flavor packets to it sometimes, i'd rather have some taste) I try not to drink a ton of soda, so thats more of a in the mood thing.

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    Caffeine has a reverse effect on me, so if I need to stay awake I either consume something very sugary or something with BIG taste. Code Red mt dew used to work. Seems like something with a burst of flavor ( Arizona Fruit Punch ) wakes me up, but only for a very limited time.

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    orange monster every time

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dugaan View Post
    sprite to wash down my big kahuna burger
    omg.laughed so friggin hard.

    ontopic: coke and coffee for me.
    plenty of sugar with my coffee, milk when i start twitching from my addiction.

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    On cata release i managed to stay awake for 52 hours with 3 cans of Monster.
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    I stocked up on Four loko before stores stopped selling them i have about 6 cases left.

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    5 hour energies helped keep me awake when I tried to stay up all night and day (mostly for the day part, I stay up all night usually, day is another story )

    Wouldn't call it too tasty, kind of just a quick shot kind of deal.

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