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    Best tank healer.

    Hey all,
    I am an officer in a 5/13 Heroic raiding guild and recently we had a lot of members missing so we decided to recruit some new players.
    We recruited afew new healers but have only 1 Holy Paladin in our team and are wondering which healer should we assign for the third tank healer.
    We were thinking about 1 Holy Paladin, 1 Discipline Priest and 1 Resto Shaman to be the tank healers

    Our available healers are:
    -2 Holy Priests
    -1 Disc Priest
    -3 Resto Druids
    -3 Resto Shaman
    -1 Holy Paladin.

    which healing class/spec will have the best throughput on single target behind holy paladin and disc priest?

    Also,I am wondering what should be the best healing setup with our available healers?
    So any comments about which 3 tank healers should we have and what's the best healing setup are all welcome
    Thanks in advance.

    Edit: Just for clarification, the list I wrote before is not the healing setup we have, its our available healers in the guild and we are usually swapping in and out every raid or so.
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    3 resto shamans is gimping your healer setup swap one resto shaman for another holy paladin.

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    Resto Shamans are very good because of Earth Shield

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tehterokkar View Post
    Resto Shamans are very good because of Earth Shield
    indeed they are but its better to have 2 so they can always have 100% uptime of their earth shields if one cant put his earth shield on a viable person his healing will be decreased significiantly aswell as him losing the 20% bonus healing on the shielded target. Also with 3 chain heals popping around they will be less efficient.

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    I edited my post
    "Just for clarification, the list I wrote before is not the healing setup we have, its our available healers in the guild and we are usually swapping in and out every raid or so. "

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    Restoration druids are actually better tank healers then paladins. Paladins are much more useful giving the tank a slice of bacon and then healing raid.

    With your healing setup I would go

    3x Priests

    and then fill shamans and druids with how many more healers you want, depending on the boss. Some bosses require more healers then others.
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    Thanks for the responses, would be nice to get more accurate advices so we could decide :]

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    In the end, variety in your healing set up for the fight is probably going to be the best 9 times out of 10. This way the various healers are working around each other a bit better to cover the weakness of another. This excludes some 'gimmick' mechanics like stacking Atonement spec'ed Disc priests for Halfus or shaman with their mastery for Chimearon. In the end, for the 3 tank set ups, I'd probably go with the Holy Paladin, Disc Priest, and Resto druid for the tanks (where the druid has a decent amount of mastery). The first 2 have been obvious candidates but the druid mastery can be very impressive when stacking all those hot's on one target. Not to mention, if they're on the 3rd tank, more than likely the fight calls for something a bit odd where there isn't a lot of raid damage or the third tank is mostly there for picking up and holding some adds, but not taking a lot of damage anyways. IE, you don't need some incredible tank healer to be assigned; the druid could go for more of the tank healing talents and setup though.

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    well the each have strengths tank healing, resto shamans have ES+increased healing on that tank, druids can keep LB rolling on the tank(although they should always have it on him anyway) which triggers their mastery so thats at least as equal to resto shaman increased healing depending on mastery, pallys have BoL so ive seen them as better raid healers with beacon on tank or 2 pallys cross beaconing works well too. priests from what ive seen arent really that great at tank healing unless they are disc for bubble/heal/greater heal(with 45 sec cd buff w/e its called) so there you have it. also worth mentioning is a druid is excellent with keeping Wild Growth on 6 raid members still while tank healing and an effloressence out too.
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    I'd get another holy pally for sure. 3 priests, 3 druids, 3 shaman ... 1 pally. On fights like Nef phase 1 or Twilight Council where you have 2 tanks taking pretty sizable damage, having a beacon on each tank with a pally per tank is awesome for healing throughput. Plus, it will give you more uptime for things like Aura Mastery, more HoSacrifice, and they can bubble out of large damage moments like Electrocute.

    Two pallies on a tank with a druid rolling some hots (but not necessarily focusing on the MT) is more than enough for every fight. Pallies popping LoD and HR on raid, everyone else raid healing and easily heal anything out there.

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    -1 Holy Priest
    -2 Disc Priests
    -2 Resto Druids
    -1 Resto Shaman
    -1 Holy Paladin (you really should have 2 especially if you don't have a prot pally)

    This list is obviously not best for every fight, but it's definitely (in general) going to be the most stable. As with having 2 Disc Priests for PW:B having 2 Paladins for AM is extremely useful and at times crucial to killing a new boss.

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    Thanks for the replies, I'll discuss with the officers on what we should do.

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