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    [Bio] Veiya Morningray [WIP]

    Name: Veiya Morningray.

    Age: 251.

    Race: Sin'dorei(Blood elf), previously Quel'dorei(High elf).

    Gender: Female.

    Languages: Fluent Thalassian and Common.

    Class/Occupation: User of magic, specializing in the arts of Evocation and Conjuration, leaning towards fire.

    Personality: Veiya is like any other a-typical Sin'dorei. She wants something and wants it -now-. She views all other races are inferior and under her and that the Horde have no penchant of civility or respect to a more intelligent, orderly race. Due to this, her view of her race is simple: "We are above all others, but not respected for our great intelligence and power. Fools." Due to this logic of thinkings and her rather loud mouth, she has gotten into many a dispute among her Horde 'colleages' and has achieved a level of arrogance that surpasses her kin.
    Her mind is hard-wired to that of arcane and constantly speaks to herself when nobody is currently asking her a question, as if debating the world as a whole. She is always 'occupied' even when just sitting there and spends her time playing games of logical status over recreation. She also has a tendency to cast magic for no specific reason except to amuse herself when she is bored - she is, afterall, quite impatient.

    She also seems to suffer from a mental disorder that makes her act seductive or charming without any true reason to do so. It causes her to alienate those around her and cause nervousness to arouse in people unsuspected to such behaviour. She merely deems it her way of expressing herself.

    Appearance: Pompous. Veiya has the style of any normal blood elf; most humans see it as obsession and most dwarves called it "beautifying a pig". She has a gaunt, deep-set face that is suprisingly pale due to her magical use and swirling emerald eyes that constantly bore and observe though around her. Her lips contrast her face with their sharpness, ending in constant smirks as her ears elongate past her sharp, arched eyebrows and protrude through her long, curly black hair - within the hair is an ornate hairband with a large gem embedded in the front.
    Running downwards, a long robe fits her lithe, thin figure. It is coloured a deep red set with gold; they swirl in patterns resembling the waves of the ocean and join together to form into a pattern of a phoenix: The Blood Elven emblem. The sleeves run down her arms without any shoulders; they are not connected. The shoulders are merely flat pieces of fabric running over her shoulder and strapping together to join her robe behind as her sleeves join together, giving her frontal area the image of flatness and constraint, while her back is flowing and fluttering. Her hands are gently brushed and her fingers end in long nails, shined and polished.
    Her stave is of long, hard wood that joins and swirls to operate a crystal at the top. It is tipped at the bottom with a slight blade; probably for self-protection. The crystal swirls with magic and may be the power core of the old, weathered stave that seems to be crooked and naturally formed around the crystal. Or, perhaps, she uses the crystal to gain her own mana power?

    • Magical power: She has power in magical arts and dabbles in many areas of it, but specializes in two: Evocation and Conjuration. She can summon bolts of elements and shape energy of magic or summon creatures or aid from other planes - the latter requires significant amount of energy, if not even sacrifices.
    • Knowledge: Veiya has a high understanding of the world and it's workings. This knowledge enables her many tricks and secrets to abuse her enemies with and causes her many a laugh, aswell.
    • Personality: Her 'charming/seductive' personality enables her to try lure enemies into traps or slip past them without any second doubt and enable areas without fighting.

    • Strength: Her physical strength is -extremely- poor, so she relies on allies to defend her from harm as she casts spells from afar.
    • Perfectionist: She's a perfectionist and everything must be right or it cannot be used. This can make her magical spells take longer to cast, but result in increased results - yet their power might harm both ally and foe.
    • Power: Her use of magic can wear away at her and cause her to become extremely dizzy and tired. She requires the sacrifice of 'lifeforce'(e.g. letting of blood or even killing a life) to establish a better repetoire with the Nether.

    History: Veiya was born to Landryal Morningray and Lesanna Sunmuse in the woods of Quel'thalas, the ancient home of the Quel'dorei. As a child, she used to play around the woods and 'talk' to the animals. She was never special nor displayed any important ability. For a while, her parents even believed her to be a 'defective child'. Yet, she remained. Her childhood was uneventful, mainly due to her beginning to talk to herself or 'listening to voices' from the trees and nature around her. This unnerved anyone who tried to go near her because she commonly asked them what the 'world says to them'. Nor did she pay heed, truly. She lived her life for years to come, inevitably falling in love with another elf whom stunned her.

    She was galavanting amongst the trees, her hair fluttering in the wind. Her dress flowed behind her as she breathed in the air and kept skipping along, running and jumping. She enjoyed nature. She found it refreshing and exciting. It was a welcoming return from the nature of her parents whom constantly tried to form her into what they wished her to be and not what -she- wished to be. As she was pacing between the trees, warning animals out of her way and even helping a squirrel climb up a tree, she heard a horse up ahead. She stopped suddenly and dug her heels into the ground, twisting her head around. She saw nothing and was perplexed by the noise, yet unable to see an individual in sight. Inevitably, she was about to lift her foot and begin her adventure again when she heard the distinct noise of a horse neighing. She sharply turned and looked down the broken, dirty path. At the end was a quel'dorei steed: A deep white, topped with a horn upon it's nose. Her eyes gently opened wide, glittering with awe as she squealed in delight and ran forward without any care. She found it cute and adorable. As she ran towards it, the steed reared upwards and neighed loudly before sharply turning. There, upon it's back, cradled in a saddle, was an elf like no other she had seen. His face was a shimmering tan, firmly placed on a body of muscular mass. Her eyes boggled with amazement and she found herself fluttering, dizzy. Yet, she restrained herself and merely opened her mouth, revealing a hesistant, stammering voice. "B-..B..Bala'dash malanore.." She crossed her eyes with embarrassment. The elven man simply smiled and spoke back with a low, calm voice. "Bala'dash malanore, sister. I assume you like to venture within these woods as I ride my steed?" he inquired. Veiya was caught in a dream for a moment and snapped back into reality. "Oh.. oh.. of course!" she replied hastily. "Well.. uhm.. I need to get back to my home! Shorel'aran." With a curt wave, she suddenly turned and closed her eyes and smiled before running off back into the woods, towards her home.
    Unfortunately, she never met the man again.

    As time progressed, Veiya was not defective afterall. She showed an innate ability for magic, this being found out when she levitated a cup using magical force during her late teenage years. She was immediately sent to train under a Magister. Unforunately, the Magister was not exactly the most welcoming master to greet her. He treated her as tool to his success and her success equaled his success, providing she was good at magic. Luckily, she did excel. She spent hours after hours in the libraries, studying and studying. She sucked in every piece of knowledge she could and even conversed with humans to achieve more knowledge. She found the humans odd, yet simplistic.
    However, her dream reality came shattering down as the Traitor Prince invaded her home land. She watched solemnly as they broke the gates and instantly fled for serenity. She found an abandoned sanctuary on the west coast of Quel'Thalas, hiding inside.

    As she was hiding inside, asleep, a sudden crash woke her up. She jolted alive, not a peep made, as she sprung upwards. She took the stave she inherited from her family and gently peeked around into the dusk-like darkness. She saw nothing and heard only stillness. As she approached the entrance of the sanctuary, she heard it again and sharply spinned around. Over her was a ghoul, dribbling downwards onto the floor and trying to suprise her. Stumbling back with a scream and a fright, she sprung her hands out to grip the marble of the floor and tried to push herself backwards. The ghoul flipped downwards and smacked against the floor, crawling towards her. Her tongue seemed to activate by itself and leeked words of magic.
    "Arcana be with me;
    arcana, show thy;
    Arcana, I call ye',
    Arcana, save me.

    Magical twisting of the sword;
    the blade crunching in the night,
    magical power we do soar,
    as the fiendish undead did ignite!"

    As she yelled these words, a sudden sprout of mana flaired from deep within her and struck outwards, igniting the ghoul with fire. It screamed and yelled with anguish as it rolled on the ground and cried with agony. Slowly, it died, as Veiya watched in astonishment at what she had done and felt suddenly tired. Slowly, she dragged herself back to where she was and fell into a deep sleep.

    For the rest of the invasion, she kept herself alive by foraging for food and avoiding most Scourge. She was forced to kill those who got near her and those were usually only a few strange ghouls or these odd spider-like men. As time passed, the land was rebuilt. Veiya did not follow Kael'Thas and instead remained to rebuild Silvermoon.
    She found her life had returned to slight balance, yet craved something more.. craved.. adventure.

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    Its pretty detailed and well thought out but you need to update it all the way to the current time, Cataclysm. Also this line is a little confusing, "

    Power: Her use of magic can wear away at her and cause her to become extremely dizzy and tired. She requires the sacrifice of 'lifeforce'(e.g. letting of blood or even killing a life) to establish a better repetoire with the Nether."

    Why does she need to let blood to use her magic better? Most magic wielding elves at the time drew strength from the Sunwell. Explain this part better.

    If I missed anything Im sure the others will point it out.

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    Will do. Many thanks for pointing that out.
    And on that note, her use of magic is different due to her dabbling in many forms of magic, mainly that of warlockery. She has never ingested fel to attain the use of warlock magic, but she has studied it and developed it -into- her own technique, hence why she requires lifeforce to establish a strong link with the Nether.

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