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    go classic.

    name it Ugh

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    Amnesia, since priests like to f*k with your mind

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    Selaphobia - fear of light flashes (as in flashes of light lol)

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    My brother has recently race-changed from a human female (squishy and bad looks - reason) to a dwarf male priest and his both specs are shadow.
    He has also changed the name and it is Khorim now, which is quite good as for a dwarf, dunno if for a shadow one though.

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    I have a Deathmoan somewhere. This violates the rule that some would impose on having class, spell or other game-related names but I quite like it.

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    Female Bloodelf: Firûsha
    Female Draenei: Kayona
    Male something: Payok, Lhûrian, Aulay
    Female Blood-/Nightelf/Draenei: Linoe

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    a dwarf shadow priest would be obviously "feard" as in fear beard
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    Oh an also one that has bugged me ever since i started playing wow - DING it makes no logical sense, the sound sis not ding, the animation is not ding, you did not ding in anyway shape or form apart from your mind.
    Just wait for Tirion Fordring to come back from ICC singing "I got 99 problems but a Lich ain't one"

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    I named my Shadow Priest Vilevixen

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    Just pick a name you feel like being called in Vent/TS/Mumble.

    I can't imagine how people would react if they heard me called Shadowking on voice-com. Hence I picked something short and catchy.

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    I like to go with MFdoom
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    Myself, yes, I have always wanted to be a mod
    Probably not, the job sucks.

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    My shadow priest is named Wraîth.. i dont know how i came up with it really.

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    My priest' name is Entun. I just wanted to pick a proper name for a troll.

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    Nice names, I think I am tempted to make a priest! My friend had one names Hormigador back in the day.

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    Shadowgoku imoooooo

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    I lol'd very true

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    Adramalech- samarian for the commander of hell
    hi there

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    Missionary, of course.

    There is no other position on this matter.
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    Mïssionary, shadow priest

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    Shedow if a girl.

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