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    I named mine after my favorite energydrink, Monsterdrink.
    A good name would be Squishy.

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    Proverbial... nice and generically priest-y

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    IFLWFOTM should be a good and describing name. then people should know exactly what you are doing.

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    if it's a tauren priest, Moolester

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    just because

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    Jinxxii ::]

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    oops! i mean "He who must not be named"

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    Go gnome and name it Gnostic

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    Anenfal sounds neat.
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    <----- Dionysius. ( but the name of any old pope would fit )

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    named mine Fatherted ,, (if your from ireland you will know :P )

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    Paymehard! Dunno why, I like it, and my name is unique on european servers so far atleast!

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    well, this will get the name banned, but if you want to get another free name change go with : Ilikelilboys

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    My female BE shadow priest is named Zynoa.

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