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    Blizzard give us vanilla servers !!

    Hi I played wow since vanilla beta in 2004 and i just thought of this: why don't blizz add classic wow servers? You know when wow actually was good? When pvp was balanced and it took skill to play and raids was hard. but now wow is so boring now, before u had to go to hammerfall and teach u higher first aid skill and u had to wait until lvl 40 to get mount. I want those days back...

    Now blizz is so lazy taking old raids all the time and putting it into cataclysm... they are too lazy to make new raids. ZA and ZG is becoming 85 dungeons?? And they take old bosses and ress them all the time? ahaha what a funny joke blizz. And they promise us updated vanilla races cuz they want us to wait for it to keep our subs active but its all a lie.. blizz just wants money now. They are trying to scam us. someone should sue them.

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    This has already been discussed and Blizzard has said no.


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