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    Dominion info with dots

    Hi, we recently killed nefarian, got him again and everything is ok.
    But, after few wipes I thinked about how I could exploit the dominion buff to improve my dps.
    Usually I did that. "refresh my dots, normal rotation and when there is 2sec left. Vamptouch + Plague refresh. Then I keep doing normal dps."
    then I started to wonder... Should I keep spamming mindflay ? If I cast mindflay, I refresh my shadowword pain, if I refresh it, it doesn't do super OP dps.

    So here is the question. What would deal the highest dps.

    1- after I refresh my 2 dots before the buff fade, I keep doing normal rotation with terribad SWP.
    2- I refresh my dots and just cast MindBlast + autoshot wand to keep my OP SWP.

    All the above is considering I have 150 dominion buff stacked.

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    Looking at my own logs, SW: Pain ticks for a max of ~32000 non-crit when under 150% domination. SW: Pain ticks for a max of ~6000 non-crit when under 0% domination. Mind Flay ticks for a max of ~9000 non-crit when under 0% domination. Mind Blast hits for a max of ~20000 non-crit when under 0% domination. My wand does a max of ~2000 non-crit when under 0% domination and is 1.8speed.

    Lets assume that you get 0 crits for any spell and 0 orb procs. For the duration of the Domination SW: Pain you were to do nothing but cast Mind Blast on CD and wand the rest of the time; if no domination, then you cast Mind Flay (~2.5sec) every time (ignoring Mind Blast); also, the either SW: Pain will tick 6 times during its uptime (every 2.5 sec). Mind Blast has a 1.25sec casting time and a 6.5sec CD; assume it is off CD when domination ends. With this you have:

    32000*6 = 192000 non-crit damage from Domination SW: Pain
    20000*3 = 60000 non-crit damage from Normal Mind Blast
    2000*9 = 18000 non-crit damage from Wanding

    192000+60000+18000 = 270000 non-crit damage from leaving Domination SW: Pain up

    6000*6 = 36000 non-crit damage from Normal SW: Pain
    9000*3*6 = 162000 non-crit damage from Normal Mind Flay

    36000+162000 = 198000 non-crit damage from overwriting a Domination SW: Pain

    Fairly clearly, leaving a Domination buffed SW: Pain up would be gain, assuming 0 crits and 0 Shadow Orbs gained. Even if you were to work a Mind Blast in, and have any Shadow Orbs proc (which you probably would, since you're using Mind Flay), to make a normal rotation after, you're looking at breaking even on damage done. Crit would probably even out between the two also.

    tl;dr: the OP is definitely on to something here.
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    What about simply not picking up Pain and Suffering? It obviously has implications on SW: D so it's probably not a good idea anyway
    but I'm thinking purely out of a dps point of view.

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    Smite away, just don't AA by mistake with the wrong Evangelism up

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