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    I'm planning on double majoring in Computer Engineering and Psychology, plus taking pre-med on top of that. Becoming a Psychiatrist is my ultimate goal.

    Diesel 1/7H

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    Quote Originally Posted by Atomic Cafe View Post
    Ye sound like a light version of film theory, but it sound like fun and a good introduction if you ever consider to study Film theory at uni.
    its the best subject evar... most of the time we watch films and discuss and analyze them n stuff...

    Many of my friends comment on my weird choice of subjects my current subjects are:
    Danish A, English A, Biology A, History A, Film Theory B and PE B (these two can only be raised to B) and Ancient History C
    Ancient history, history and danish are mandatory though

    When i was competing in the danish biology olympics the others thought it wierd that i had english and film theory, they were all like math, chem and physics besides the biology...

    but because i took PE and Film theory on B and not Physics, chem or math it means that i cannot enter certain university areas of study before i take the required courses

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    Quote Originally Posted by Callace View Post
    I'm against the grain here then. I was always good with the abstract concepts but bad at the math. That's how I ended up in the humanities. =P
    Weeeiiirrrdddooooooooo! That's so weird to me. The math is the easy stuff! =/

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    Quote Originally Posted by Badpaladin View Post
    Weeeiiirrrdddooooooooo! That's so weird to me. The math is the easy stuff! =/
    Last OT post here, heheh.

    I am, in fact, SO weird that this:

    "I had not a dispute but a disquisition with Dilke, on various subjects; several things dovetailed in my mind, & at once it struck me, what quality went to form a Man of Achievement especially in literature & which Shakespeare possessed so enormously - I mean Negative Capability, that is when man is capable of being in uncertainties, Mysteries, doubts without any irritable reaching after fact & reason - Coleridge, for instance, would let go by a fine isolated verisimilitude caught from the Penetralium of mystery, from being incapable of remaining content with half knowledge. This pursued through Volumes would perhaps take us no further than this, that with a great poet the sense of Beauty overcomes every other consideration, or rather obliterates all consideration." -John Keats

    is easier to me than this:

    13 + 46

    Go figure.

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    French system, and I'm studying Law (Droit et Science Politique).
    Quote Originally Posted by Boubouille View Post
    I'm just being a smart ass at this point.
    Quote Originally Posted by Sir Frank View Post
    If we do win, he can rub anything he wants in my face.

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    Communication Design - working in cartoon animation.

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    Double major in Construction Systems Management and Business with a minor in Engineering Principles.

    Nerrrrrrrd. What up?

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    Studying Biochemical Engineering at McGill, sup.
    Yeah its kind of hardcore, I don't think anyone on these forums would know anything about it. Cya Comp Sci/Mech Engineer nerds, GL finding a job.
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    I'm currently finishing my first year of podiatry school out in Ohio... My wow time has dropped significantly

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    I'm currently in my 2nd year of a Psychology degree and thoroughly enjoying it

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    You know your addicted to WoW when...

    ... you go to a funeral, and try to loot the corpse.

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    Geophysics and Astronomy

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    Construction project management. Great if you dont want to be stuck behind a desk all day!

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    Up until last semester, I was an Applied Physics major. It was right around my first physics class that I realized I could never do something so dry and bland the rest of my life.

    Now I'm a biochemistry major, and I'm having fun.

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    Chemistry block.
    Pure chemistry at the moment, looking at drug manufacture specifically and things like that. Pharmaceuticals I suppose. Problem is that I cannot stand biology A level (hence I'm doing it for AS but not A2 level) but I like physics. Nothing remotely linked to drugs or their effect on the body is included in my Biology course. So the only way I'm going to get into that is by taking an extra year at university (I think, going to have to do more checking on different univerisities before I can be sure).

    Physics Chemistry Maths are cool. Drugs and their effect on the human body is cooler. So now I can be high whilst I can be cool.

    Problem for me won't be getting there (hopefully) but living long enough. I got bored in chemistry a few weeks back and had free roam of the chemicals. I made Toluene because it smells nice. I have a guildy who works in a dutch chemical company. I was smelling my homegrown toluene and then that same night he warned me that he had to sign a waiver saying "I am aware if I smell this Toluene chemical, I will have a highly aggravated chance of cancer". My problem will be living long enough to finish the course according to him, who seems to think I'm some sort of junkie.
    Quote Originally Posted by goblinpaladin View Post
    Also a vegetable is a person.
    Quote Originally Posted by Orlong View Post
    I dont care if they [gays] are allowed to donate [blood], but I think we should have an option to refuse gay blood if we need to receive blood.

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    Actuarial Science and Information Systems. I have almost no life.

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    Studying new ways to pickle my liver.

    Also, studied art history in school... look where it got me...

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    I'm currently in Sixth Form (or College, year 12 and 13) and I'm studying Business, IT and Psychology.

    Love Business, very interesting, IT is okay (Its not the IT you think it will be...) and I'm kinda failing at Psychology. Its so very boring :-(
    I think I'm going to do something in IT or Business when I get out of school (I will be 18 by then), but that of course means that I have to pass this year and next year D:

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    Computer science and work for Blizzard.
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