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    Patch 4.2 Models - Overfiend, Dual Heroic Boss Solo Kill, MMO Report, Comics

    Patch 4.2 Models - Overfiend
    Let's continue poking at Patch 4.2 models with what seems to be a new trash mob, the overfiend! It comes in multiple recolors but the only one you will see for the moment is probably the fire version.

    Raegwyn - 1 Death Knight vs. 2 Cataclysm Heroic Bosses
    Raegwyn was looking for a new way to spend time and decided it would be fun to try to solo an heroic boss, it probably wasn't hard enough because he eventually decided to solo two of them at the same time.

    The MMO Report
    Let's face it, the first news of the week would be sad without the MMO Report.

    Comics - Roles
    Nerfnow has an interesting point of view on tanks and healers ...

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    High Overlord theonly's Avatar
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    seriously he is damn crazyyyy lol

    i thought the exact same thing as the comic turns out healing is way easier can almost sleep while healing (druid)

    and i like the models just hope they don't make a big flashy death

    *edit*cool I'm fir.... no i wont go there
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    *goes back to his Dk*

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    The NerfNow comic is soooo true.

    That's exactly what went through my head at first when making a character: "I'm new, so I probably wouldn't be a good healer or tank. I'll play a DPS."

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    Elemental Lord Spl4sh3r's Avatar
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    Seriously nerf DK self-healing xD

    They should really nerf all self-healing

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    I really like that new model . Looks great.

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    I may be blind but are the Overfiends using tauren skeletons?

    Edit: Doomguard >.<
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    Wow... impressive!

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    That model kind of looks like a doomguard reskin....

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    Raegwyn is fucking ridiculous. Moar recolours. Good comics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zumacrume View Post
    That model kind of looks like a doomguard reskin....

    Skin = texture

    It uses the doomguard skeleton and animation set. THAT'S ALL. The model and the texture are unique.

    Jesus, every fricking time!

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    Blizzard actually coming up with new models this time around... Let's hope Firelands will be at least as good as Ulduar was.

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    The Patient SkodLife's Avatar
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    Behind you yelling: "WHY SO SERIOUS, SON?"
    For some reason, the comic's first picture reminds me of KH1 and 2...

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    looks like it uses the same skeleton as Warlocks Doomguard

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    High Overlord Areden's Avatar
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    Actually, they arent going to nerf death strike... But they are going to buff it for 5% more haha

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    Raegs trying to catch with mione, but i still think soloing yogg is more impressive. so unless he's done that too, sorry raeg, you're losing your touch.
    Also, lol at the comic

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    That is pretty insane. Why is this possible?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xylia View Post
    looks like it uses the same skeleton as Warlocks Doomguard
    Is that a problem?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SkodLife View Post
    For some reason, the comic's first picture reminds me of KH1 and 2...
    same it looks like the begining of KH 1
    sunshine avatar is so awesome *w*!.... <3
    (Sig too large)

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