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    In Denmark this normal, pretty common actually.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rampant Rabbit View Post
    What the hell's wrong with eating Fries with Mayonnaise? What would you use your sauces on then? Seriously..
    Fries and mayo are delicious.

    Then again, it could be a throwback to when I lived in Germany. It is delicious regardless and I pity the foo' who doesn't like it.

    If you haven't tried it, be quiet and actually try it before badmouthing it. Personal experience dictates it works better on squishy fries like crinkle cut or steak fries.

    As for ketchup, limited uses here. Sandwiches/fries maybe (if I don't feel in a mayo mood). Never spaghetti, that's just blasphemy to my boyfriend's cooking.

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    That's extremely normal in Sweden.
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    Ketchup is the poor mans tomato sauce.

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    bacon flavored ketchup anyone? Make it happen! =D

    I would say bacon flavored mayo, but it already exists.... and is DELICIOUS!

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    No sorry guys i eat nice italian food with nice italian sauce.
    tartufo BOYAAAH

    ketchup with tosti!

    C.M.S, My favorite thing to start the morning with.

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    I have been eating spagetti bolognese with ketchup my whole life.

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    Why not grow your own tomatoes and make sauce or tomato by products. It taste like 100x better then ketchup or any canned stuff

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    Mm... Ketchup...

    I like it in many foods. : )

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    I always eat spaghetti with ketchup, and I don't understand what can be wrong, ketchup is just like tomato sauce and it tastes great with spaghetti.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stabil View Post
    well, ketchup is made from tomatoes and spaghetti gets eaten mostly with tomato sauce so, why not.
    because most sane people prefer the taste of prego/ragu or a homemade spaghetti sauce over the taste of ketchup otherwise they would just op't for the can of speghettio's
    Using ketchup as a replacement for spaghetti/pizza sauce or even BBQ sauce is just a abomination to the taste-buds

    It would be like me ordering a chef salad and requesting it is made with spam instead of ham

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    Quote Originally Posted by Callace View Post
    Some spaghetti sauce recipes aren't too different from ketchup. Ever eat Domino's pizza-sauce cold? It's remarkably similar.
    It is also rated as the worst tasting Pizza chain in America ..... pretty bad to get beat out by chucky cheese who's mascot is a rat

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