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    Wtf is up with ketchup

    Ive heard this more than once at first i thought it was a joke, ketchup on spaghetti what kind of blasphemy is this surely people cant truly eat stuff like that.

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    lol some people eat ketchup with everything man. I work at a Spaghetti Factory and I get people asking if we have ketchup all the time. its kinda weird lol

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    well, ketchup is made from tomatoes and spaghetti gets eaten mostly with tomato sauce so, why not.

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    Ketchup is ftw! can make every bad made dinner into pure F*cking win!

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    ketchup with everything, but real food

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    Meh I once made noodles realised after I didn't have anything to go with it (that made sense) so I just mixed it with ketchup and sliced some sausages in, it was pretty good. My only regret? There was no bacon T-T

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    Had Ketchup on my spaghetti today. was pretty darn good!

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    Similar to how some people prefer Miracle Whip on their samich over mayo.

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    I don't see the problem of eating pasta with ketchup since the majority if pasta dishes have tomato's and/or tomato sauce in it..

    You can even use ketchup to add to the flavor of your pasta sauce.

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    I have friends that put ketchup on their mac and cheese and sometimes tuna too. What the hell? Also, its peanut butter that goes with everything!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stabil View Post
    well, ketchup is made from tomatoes and spaghetti gets eaten mostly with tomato sauce so, why not.
    jam is basically made out of pure fruit, so why not make jam pies? Because that would be gross, sauce and ketchup are FAR different, it's all about the spices my friend. Also, I never want to eat at your house.
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    Here if you dont have ketchup on pasta you are considered weird.

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    I eat ketchup with almost anything, eggs, mac and cheese, noodles, any meat. I normally don't do ketchup on spaghetti but I do put it on the meatballs

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    I like ketchup and mustard on doritos

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    I do like ketchup on eggs and mac and cheese.
    But not pasta. I prefer spaghetti with spaghetti sauce.

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    Some spaghetti sauce recipes aren't too different from ketchup. Ever eat Domino's pizza-sauce cold? It's remarkably similar.

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    Ketchup is made to be eaten with any food, including pancakes! (reply where i got this from and you win a cookie)

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    It sounds like something a 5 year old would ask for.

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    You decide!

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    That's not the only thing that's up with ketchup, sometimes it's called CATSUP, the fuck? Sounds like ketchup is up to some crazy conspiracy shit.

    OT: Ketchup on spaghetti and stuff would be rank, it's way too acidic for my tastes :S You should go to Holland, they put mayonaise on CHIPS (Fries) People are crazy.

    Edit: Damn I read 4 other threads for half an hour and someone beats me to the catsup :<

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