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    2v2: Help with Disc/Frostmage

    Just started running a few games with my frost mage buddy.
    Against 2 DPS we do not have much probs (double frost mage is tricky though) but we find games against dps/heal much harder.

    The frost mage does not have the dps of a warrior or hunter.
    As Disc, I don't have the infinite mana of paladins and rshams...

    We tried to burn the dps or the heal but our joined dps does burst enough through the heals.
    Tried to control the healer but I don't have a silence in disc like we do in shadow.
    Tried to manaburn the other healer but paladins regen with a judgment and feels like it takes my whole mana pool to burn a rsham's...

    Tips? thanks!

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    Truly this season your going to turtle with that comp unless youve got a excellent mage/priest cc, youll nwvsr burst through heals unless you keep cc well.

    I suggest you go shadow truthfully, less turtle
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    Fear+root or Deep Freeze on Healer while DPS sits in a poly should get u time for quite a few manaburns.

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    You can pull off very long CC-chains with that combo, either controlling the healer and killing the dps or mana burning the healer.
    They're both very valid strategies and there's little reason that you shouldn't be able to pull that off.

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    manaburn is win

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    either go for mana burning with your mage assisting with craptons of novas or just go with CC, either way its easy gig. frost has incredible burst if your mage has access to some neat pve gear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moltor View Post
    manaburn is win
    ^This. I haven't played 2s yet, but in low-rank 3s, I found that the only way to win was to manaburn the other healer. Once other healer is oom, we roflstomped.
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    Rly? a thread on mage+disc helpthread? now ive seen everything...

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    Rly? a thread on mage+disc helpthread? now ive seen everything...
    Have you played the comp? landing kills on healer dps teams is very challenging.

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    Respec shadow if you don't want to get 45min fights vs other healer/x teams.

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