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    Show us your chill/gaming place :p

    I was just reading the man cave topic, with people talking about their personal space and all that...
    Share with us some pictures of the place you like to chill, be it your gaming place, you man cave, or whatever else

    Sadly, my place is a god damn mess, i can count 10 shirts and a towel in the floor lol, so I'll share some pics i found in the internerds
    Unfortunately, they are all from a gaming forum, só it mainly shows pcs and stuff.

    How to be a badass:

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    Pandaren Monk Twilightdawn's Avatar
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    My place isn't really anything.. just a desk with my stuff on it. but the second, third and a little of the first are just amazing.

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    2nd looks like a hotel room for gamers lol

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    Over there --->
    2nd pic is my fav

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    That second picture looks ridiculously awesome...

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    second pic is THE COOLEST thing ive ever seen.. geez

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    My bedroom.
    Being 14 and living in a small house sucks lol

    Also, the 2nd pic looks really expensive lol

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    Eh, there's sort of already a thread like this, but ya since we're showing spaces I guess this is kinda different :P

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    Yeah, i saw that topic
    But i'm not a great fan of boxes full of wires, i wanna see the environment

    Cmon guys, just one user posted a pic haha

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    Stood in the Fire paxx0r's Avatar
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    Love my little gaming 'cave'!

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    I just have a desk with a computer monitor, keyboard, and mouse on it. It's in our second bedroom next to a hamper. Nothing special...

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    Bloodsail Admiral
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    See that bed with pillows against the wall? That's just like how I play. Very cozy.

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    The second one is amazing i need it, if i ever get a lot of money i'm getting that!

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    If someone would ask, yes, the monitor does work. the pc behind it (sadly not in the picture) does surprisingly work as well

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    Quote Originally Posted by Syrrah View Post

    Lady gaga poster and some lube on the right? awesome morning material I suppose

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    lol i don't know about you, but i don't consider clorox wipes or a spray bottle filled with lysol an adequate lube

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