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    If you could...

    If you could invite 3 people dead or alive to have dinner with , who would you chose and why? ( all at the same table at once , not separately. To remove any questions that might pop up regarding it)

    Without giving it much thought right now, i would chose:
    - Cleopatra just out of curiosity to see exactly how beautiful she really was ,
    - Countess Bathory to know what was going on in her head,
    - Bernie Mac since he was a great comedian , my favorite.

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    I'd get the following
    - Johnny Cash, awesome dude he had a hard life and should be able to teach me a thing or two.
    - Henry VIII, Must be a hell of an interesting dude
    - Marylin Monroe, checking out of she was as smart as ppl say
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    -Billy Mays, He's my hero
    -Kurt Cobain, He's my idol
    - And of course, the Old Spice Guy, cause he's just awesome.

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    edgar alan poe, seems like an fun guy to chat with
    voltaire, id love to argue philosophically with him
    andy warhol, just so i can have the satisfaction of killing him my self, its because of him that art sucks now basically.

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    1) Albert Einstein - I'd love to pick the mind of such an influential man. Not just in a mathematical sense but also political.
    2) Noel Gallagher - A fantastic song writer and amazing on the guitar. We need some music at this dinner! :P
    3) Monte Python guys - Made some of the greatest comedy scenes ever.

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    Demetri Martin. one of my favorite comedian and because he seems like a nice guy to have conversation with.
    Moby (Richard Melville Hall) one of my favorite Electronica artist.
    and Opera winfrey.... because of the gift she shares. .............

    but seriously i would pick my Mom to replace Opera..... since she died when i was young.....

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    Adolf Hitler.
    Mitch Hedberg.
    George Washington.

    Just off the top of my head. I'm totally getting a painting by Hitler, a new joke from Mitch, and maybe George could shed some light on current political shiz.
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    my candidates would be:
    - Aristoteles (a greek philosopher)
    - Mozzart
    - Leo Da Vincci, I soOOoo admire that guy.
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    - Alan Turing
    - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
    - Frank Sinatra
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    jimi hendrix
    albert einstein
    mr blobby

    would never be a dry moment

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    Chris Rock
    Eddie Murphy
    russell peters

    and Let the Lolz Begin
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    I would invite Adam, Eve and Jesus. Then i would get to know if they existed or not and it would change the world over one little dinner party! Muhahahaa

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    Albert Einstein
    Richard Feynman
    Stephen Hawking

    While there might be more fun individuals than Hawking and even Einstein, grouping those three together would just be brilliant, especially Einstein and Feynman. Some of the greatest minds ever with knowledge of recent physics/mathematics and the funniest guys ever.

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    Alexander Hamilton
    John Bonham.

    Seems random, I know, these would be my choices. Bonham mostly because I want to see him do his Moby Dick solo live. The other two I can have intelligent conversation with regarding politics and the universe.

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    It says dead or alive but most of the listed people are dead, do you really think its easy eating dinner with the living that you wouldnt include them in the list?


    Just to know how the three freakin mangas end!
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    Darrell Abbott - He is the reason my life is what it is.
    J. R. R. Tolkien - I want to pick his brain. He saw a lot of things in his life, had many experiences, and is responsible for some of the greatest storytelling this world has ever known.
    Lewis Black - Just pure genious.

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    They would probably be family members, so listing them here wouldn't really mean much.

    I think a really fun dinner party would be:
    John Wayne
    Audry Hepburn
    Steve McQueen

    Somebody mentioned Mitch Hedburg.

    I think hanging out with that guy for a night would be awesome. He's one of the funniest people I've ever heard.

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    Adolph Hitler
    Albert Einstein
    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
    Facilis Descensus Averno

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    Arjen Lucassen - musician
    Uri Geller - Wana know if hes the real deal, if he is he could save the cutlery industry
    James Randi - just for the fireworks with Uri : D

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    1. Seth Green because familyguy, Mass Effect, and he's just awsome anyway
    2.yvonne strahovski because she's hot *yes i'm a little selfish*
    3. Robert Downey Jr. becuase the he would prly be pretty interesting considering his rise > fall > then rise again as a star.

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