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    Iphone 5 IOS5 | You decide

    A Vietnamese claims a prototype of a white iPhone 5 with IOS 5. The design does not deviate from that of the iPhone 4, but IOS does leave a very different view on the implementation of multitasking smartphone.

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    Fake. Just like all the others who claim they have "the new prototype"
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    lol.i stopped when I read "Vietnamese".. seriously.. you think the iphone 5 leak would come out of Vietnam?

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    After the iPhone 4 leaks... I think Apple smarten up and make sure something like leaving it at a bar counter won't happen anymore.

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    Apple is more tight with security than a government site. It's fake.

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    I dont think this is legit, but it will be leaked at some point, keep checking modmyi.com if you want to keep an eye out for it

    Plus i think leaks will mostly come from china as thats where they are being produced
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    Agree with Sheffield.

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    Correct me if I am wrong, but didn't the exact same thing happen for the iPhone 4? Some Asian news outlet or blog or something posted a video about one and it turned out to be fake. Then there was the incident of leaving a prototype at a bar which I still think was a PR stunt. I seriously doubt Apple would let that happen again unless someone stole this directly from a factory, but I am willing to bet Apple makes the workers at the factory strip naked and go through a search every day after work.

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    the guys that leaked this video have done the same in the past and were right^^

    the iOS seems to be a legit 5.0 variant and even with all the fake iphone stuff out in singapore etc i've never seen one that even looked close to 50% of a real iphone with iOS. And I've seen my fair share of fake iphones over there.

    It could however be iOS4 Jailbreak with Multifl0w an addon that does function a lot like the video demo.

    who will know ^^? hehe guess we just have to wait.......

    I'm sticking to my Blackberry Torch anyway :P
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    It's most likely fake, there are plenty of Apps on Cydia that can emulate that sort of multitasking.

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    It is an iPhone 4.

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