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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaneiac View Post
    By looking at each little sign and fixture you can.

    I laughed my butt off seeing Aperture used to be a fixtures company and Cave Johnson won 1943's best Shower Curtain salesman.
    Did you see that the abandoned part was vitrified in ~'65 and still being used in '78 xD

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    Is it as good as Still Alive? No. But Still Alive was so good, that the Portal 2 song has a lot of room to be good as well, while still not as good as Still Alive

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    I think still alive was better cause it was a serious game to that point, then out of nowhere a epic musical number you dont see coming. Now i want you gone was kinda expected as we knew what talented songstress glados was. But didn't come as a enjoyable shock as still alive was. Kinda like wheatley and test chambers was a orgasmic the first few times then repeat it got less and less entertaining.

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    'bout the same in my opinion, I'd have to agree with the previous posts saying Still Alive is much more iconic than the new one.

    Loved Portal 2 MUCH more than the first overall, though.

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    I love the new song, I find that it fit the game and the evolution of the story, it fits just like still alive fit for the first game.

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    i liked still alive much better. i would sing it days after finishing the game. this one i cant even remember after finishing.

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    Want you Gone is more human like, and going through the story you can see why it sorta sounds more human sounding
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    Quote Originally Posted by moaradin View Post
    The Turret song is better than Still Alive, especially when you know what it means. Ending song in Portal 2 is about the same as still alive to be honest. Obviously people are gonna think still alive is better because it became a meme over a couple years, but after time people will like the portal 2 one just as much.
    I actually prefer I want you gone over Still Alive.

    Overall its just a better song.

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    Is there a full turret song? Or was what we heard all they wrote :S

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    I like still alive the best,not only the song was good but it was so unexpected, not that much can get me to watch the credits to something,and this did.The turret song did catch me off by surprise but it really was not in the theme of that part were I was at.And I was expecting the glados song at the end. of portal 2.
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