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    [TV] Glee

    I thought about putting this in the music forum, but it is a TV show so I guess this will do.

    What do you guys think about this show? I watched it for the first time the other day and actually really enjoyed it. It's a lot of high school drama, but when they start to sing, it really is captavating. I enjoy the music and I think its pretty good. The chicks are hot and the guys are cool.(Like all high schools around the country >.> ). I'm usually not into shows that take place in high school, but the singing is pretty cool. I really enjoy it.

    How about you?

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    Re: Glee

    I haven't actually watched it yet but I agree with you on this:
    Quote Originally Posted by Eurytos
    I enjoy the music
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    Re: Glee

    Yeah, in my opinion the show is kind of different somehow, maybe its just me, never watched a musical+comedy+school drama tv show before. And that made it very interesting to me, not alot of jokes there, but i really laughed more than watching a pure comedy show, the songs/singing is epic, even now im listening to one of the songs on youtube.

    Also, really liked the main dude, the spanish teacher, he's cool and he's a good actor. Though Finn, kind of sucks at acting compared to the good actors, but it aint THAT bad.

    Oh and,
    The chicks are hot

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    Re: Glee

    I like the wheelchair kid, his interpretation of Dancing with Myself, was amazing.
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    Re: Glee

    I watched the first season and i liked it alot better than any of the masses of reality shows around. Plus the chicks are hot like said :P

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    Re: Glee

    I love Glee. I'm eclectic when it comes to music, and the music part of Glee is so damn perfect. I dare say some remakes (such as Sweet Caroline, Stand by You and even Don't Stop Believin') are better than the originals. It also encourages teenagers to search for actual good music.

    I can't wait for April 1st. Sectionals ended with a lot of cliffhangers and I'm really excited to see what happens next.

    When I first saw Glee I thought it would be a bad ripoff of High School Music. Glad I was wrong.

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    Re: Glee

    I got tired of it after second episode. Didn't really catch me.

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    Re: Glee

    i think its pretty funny, not much of a fan of the music but it is pretty well done.

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    Re: Glee

    I looove Glee. It's not a show I thought I would like but as soon as I started watching I was hooked. I DVR it though so I admit I do fast forward through some of the songs.

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    Re: Glee

    I love this show. It's funny, the music is great, and it is done perfectly so as not to be a TV show version of High School Musical. One of the best shows to come out in recent years.

    It didn't win an emmy for no reason!!

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    Re: Glee

    Omg that show is bloody fantastic!!! The writing is amazing, the actors are good/funny/hot(the girls more than the guys but wtvr) and the music is exhilarating.
    (Madonna episode coming up!! \o/)
    Sorry for gleeking out on you.

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    Re: Glee

    Quote Originally Posted by Myrrar
    I looove Glee. It's not a show I thought I would like but as soon as I started watching I was hooked.

    Now I LOVE glee. Best show ever ;D
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    Re: Glee

    I like how it's different, and like posters above me: I love the music!

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    Re: Glee

    Yeah, the story in general is stupid.

    However, I can't stop watching because of the music. I was a show choir kid in high school and this just brought back so many good memories; except they do it way better than we did.

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    Re: Glee

    I absolutely adore the show It's for sure one of my favorites. Aside from just the music (which is -amazing-) the story line is really amusing and it's incredibly well written. (Sue says some awesome stuff!)
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    Re: Glee

    Couldn't ever get into the show. Even though the pilot was filmed at my former high school and the show was inspired by my school's choir that I played sax with for 2 years (Powerhouse FTW!!!) I still couldn't get into. Living the show choir high life was enough for me, I guess.. and the characters are much too stereotypical and archetypal for my liking

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    Re: Glee

    I watched exactly half an episode, and gave up. On paper it's something I should love (music, cheesy high school stories, hot guys = YAY) but in practise I wasn't engaged in the slightest. Maybe I'll give it another try with one of the specials, as I hate not being able to join in with my friends when they chat about it.

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    [TV] Glee - Loser Like Me

    Did anyone else just get a new favourite song? Seriously, it's bloody brilliant.

    And yes, I did have to make a thread for it. I like it that much.
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    I'm behind on my Glee watching (thanks to WoW lol), but I love that show and will have to check that one out. Thanks for the heads up.

    /high five.

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