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    What is your dream mmo?

    My dream MMO:

    If you could imagine a tweaked version of Mount & Blade Warband online...

    - First off, fantasy not sci-fi

    - Action-based combat. Having to click to attack with your sword + combos, also while using your action bar to use your abilities. Also having to aim to cast/shoot also while using your action bar for your spells/abilites.

    - This is one of the main reasons I like Rift. 32 classes. Rift really set my standards for classes. In my dream mmo, I would want 32+ classes and being able to intermix 2-3 (preferably 3) classes, like how you can in Rift. Or maybe even make your own class/classes.

    - I require a lot of diversity in mmo's, which is something World of Warcraft definetly delivered (though I hate the chartoony graphics). I would defintely like to see plenty of races and colors. Also, I'd like to play as a tribal wolf-person character (no, not a worgen). Kinda like a mahirim from Darkfall, only not as star fox-looking. I'd want it to actually look like a wolf. Though, I don't require this race, I'm fine with a game without it, I'm just saying, it'd be cool to play as that.

    - I'd like the world to be extremely diverse as well, and open world. (jungle, iceland, desert, tundra etc, and many fantasy environments like flying cities, cloud castles, crystal mountains, lava pits etc, but not too steampunk-ish)

    -Highly customizable character

    - Interesting third person action based combat system

    - Massive battles with a mix over 300 PC's and NPC's able to be on screen at once, even on fairly basic systems.

    - Recruit and train lowly villagers of the various factions and then level them up through the troop tree specialising in ranged/melee and then as they get higher into cavalry units. You then need to make sure you are making enough coin to keep paying them, enough food to keep feeding them and keep their morale up. (I would do away with the special characters though).

    - Command your troops in battle and take part in the fighting OR hide behind your troops and just give orders.

    - There are quests but you are mainly free to do whatever you like, attack caravans, raid villages, attack towns and castles (you need a good sized warband for this) attack rival warbands, purchase land and start industry. start your own caravans and run trade routes. Plus there is plenty of questing. Towns & castles you take by force can be garrisoned with your own troops and held onto as long as you can fight to keep them.

    - Team up with other players in battles, forge alliances, make your own guilds etc.

    - I would think that world PvP would be quite common but it would need to be somewhat level restricted and maybe only between warring factions if you have joined a specific faction (in warband you can also defect to another faction if you want).

    - Plenty of weapons, armor, books, horses and loot to slavage from battles, trade for or buy. Since we would remove special characters perhaps higher level specialist units could have their weapons and armour upgraded in specific ways for cash.

    - Add in crafting to compliment trading (maybe even let people buy land and construct things like blacksmiths where they can queue timed automatic production of recipes they already know and just have to provide raw materials for)

    - OUTSIDE OF TOWNS: Obviously do away with the pauseable overland map, but keep the visibility & tracking features but allow our band to ride around the open world. Perhaps instead of riding around the world with your entire army at your back limit it to the scouting party so yourself and say 3-4 NPC riders but if your in a party with other players limit it to the players in your party. Then when battles are joined out in the world the armies would catch up in time for battle. Maybe a floating Number or some sort of pullup info could be available when you see other riders that says how many in their party etc (the better your scouting skill the more info you get) so you know how many troops (and with sufficient scouting skill what types of troops) are in their army.

    - INSIDE OF TOWNS: There should be some major towns where everyone is able to be in the town together, but as I said before, being able to build towns: while in your own town it should pretty much be single player, you would enter town on your own or in party with other Players. Tournaments etc would be PVP if there is enough numbers otherwise PvPvE.

    Right now that would be the MMORPG that would have me hooked. I know it doesn't exist.. At least, not that I know of. Just note the majority of this stuff is just optional. It's just something I'd like. The main things I'm looking for is diversity, open world, plenty of classes and action-based combat style. The rest would just be awesome to see in a game. (I don't want darkfall or ddo.)
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    Quests like RuneScape. Bash the game all you want but the quests actually felt like quests. Not "Go kill X of Y and bring back X of Z" like the majority of WoW.

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    WoW minus the idiots.

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    i really am kinda tired of the cookie-cutter 2-faction rule. i want something with more than 2 factions. something like a terminator-esque Robot/cyborgs vs human/resistance vs high-government agencies...

    or maybe something in an alternate earth-like realm, like an unseen, parallel world where you have a dark faction vs light faction with a 'neutral' faction of mixed enforcers and/or bounty hunters that enforce the "rules" as they see fit

    something i hate about aion/rift (i barely even touched both, i dont have an account for either) was the choppiness of the game play... i want something more action-filled, but at the same time the game flows when im in combat, something like wow but possibly better! and the the camera angles i can choose are not absolutely fixed on, say, my character, or on certain distances (20 yard behind my character). i want to be able to see a lot from my character just standing in a major city, and maybe i wanna see other things that are not my character's back, or not near my character

    if my character shoots guns primarily, i want the option of playing in first person mode.

    somebody once mentioned their idea of guild housing implemented in a diff way: the ability to have your own flying base (i like to think of the airships from icecrown/final fantasy series) but the guild master/officers get to choose where in the world your airship flies to/idles at. the higher your guild is, the more higher-level zones your airship can idle/explore. at certain distinctive levels, your guild can put money together and buy super expensive addons to your airship, including speed-increasing, underwater transportation, cloaking, enemy airship tracking, airship weapons, little fun perks like swimming pool/antigravity room, recreational items like player-launchers and stuff like that. You can also do a lot more remodeling of the wings/body of your ship at later levels. i think watching youtubes of players being launched into the most absurd places, like into mountains, world bosses, enemy airships, etc. would be absolutely fun and addicting.

    multiple guilds = multiple airships = E P I C city raids as long as its not too resource intensive (which is of course the challenge of games)
    shit, id love to see a 4 vs 4 airship fight above an ocean. doesnt need to be in a city setting

    this would definitely add to the what i consider the 2nd most important factor of an mmo: the social activity/bonding.
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    somthing that has NOT been done before
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    Dream mmo...this game in development called ArcheAge seems very close to my dream mmo if what they say it's going to be like IS what it's going to be like.
    Many mmos have SAID they're going to be awesome and stuff and almost always they aren't.

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    Borderlands made me realize just how well FPS and RPG go together. And with it's over the tops stylized graphics and monsters, I think there's a lot of potential in that world. It would make an absolutely fantastic MMO, I'd think. With rumours about Titan being a FPSMMO, I have lots of hope and excitement for it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by A1CZERO View Post
    Dream mmo...this game in development called ArcheAge seems very close to my dream mmo if what they say it's going to be like IS what it's going to be like.
    Many mmos have SAID they're going to be awesome and stuff and almost always they aren't.
    Man that game looks promising.

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    Dragonball Z, not this stupid shit they've already made

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    WoW vanilla - bc ,then stupid ppl showed up in woltk n cata ofc they just flowed in n good players r gone then those ppl qq wow isnt daying ...

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    Sounds like OP kinda diggs Darkfall - and I understand him, I loved that game.
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    Honestly, Guild Wars.

    I always enjoyed Guild Wars development team, they didn't treat the PvP crowd like shit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fazdran View Post
    Quests like RuneScape. Bash the game all you want but the quests actually felt like quests. Not "Go kill X of Y and bring back X of Z" like the majority of WoW.
    only mmo where i can say i enjoyed questing.

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    WoW with a few mechanics from Rift.

    Like invasions and AOE looting.

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    I wanna game to be like how the .hack series was :P without the entire going into a coma thing

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    Has allready been made mate, ULTIMA ONLINE!!!!.

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    No battle grounds! The world you level in has pvp rewards in every zone. You can do it while you quest. Do there best on making it so players are rewarded for 1v1 open world pvp SKILL! WoW would be a great pvp game if they took 2 or 3 days a week to shut off all instances, raids and battleground. Force people to go out in the world and have actual wars like the old days or at least make specific servers that do that. Make it bloody like AoC but the fatalities are not random procs.

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    Virtual reality. That or being transported into the game. With that sir, watering daisies would become awesome.
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    Realistically speaking, SWTOR will be my dream MMO. Although I cannot predict how it will be/turn out, I can hope for the best.

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