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    guild wars 2 with better cutscene animations

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malhkebre View Post
    Man that game looks promising.
    Agree'd, also I wish that there was an mmo that had a completely different team working on world events for every server. Not like automated world events because they get boring too fast. Like going with a ship with you in it; battling somewhere near the enemy lines. If you lose you'll retreat and your faction has to rebuild their forces which would take days or weeks (in-game time) If you'd win you'll take over the city and the enemy faction has take it back or build another city somewhere. So realistic fantasy?

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    If APB didn't suck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by audioslave90 View Post
    Dragonball Z, not this stupid shit they've already made
    there is already a dragonball online in the makings ... i think beta runs in korea for about a year now ... strange however ... it is not yet decided if the game will be released in europe and america.

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    Vanilla WoW + TBC !!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Verdris View Post
    WoW minus the idiots.
    This ^^^ was is a brilliant game its the people that have ruined it, its just in our nature too

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    To quote and somewhat paraphrase myself from elsewhere, a high-quality fantasy MMO with the following:

    * An expansive and highly interactive world (as close to "sandbox" as possible).
    * A nonstandard setting. The Tolkienian-ersatz model has long since gotten old.
    * Lots of races, some of them weird.
    * No race-defined faction system. PvP would be determined by factions chosen during gameplay; you'd basically sign on as a mercenary for this or that rival faction.
    * Flexible and intuitive character customization. For example, every race and sex would have several different physique models from which to choose. (Although I'd try to keep each race and sex at least somewhat identifiable by silhouette, regardless of what physique the player picked.)
    * "Skillsets" that are chosen in-game, as opposed to "classes" chosen at character creation (although levels would probably still be in place).
    * Consistent and high-quality graphics.
    * The ability to advance (possibly even to the level cap) by way of something other than the usual "twenty bear asses" quests, although those would still be available.
    * A highly interactive environment.
    * Ragdoll physics, or something close.
    * Hirelings, as per DDO.
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    wild west mmo, it wouldn't be no hotkey game, it would be a third person shooter, the gameplay would be like gta and read dead

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    Guild Wars 2 is looking like my dream MMO so far, can't wait.

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    Would it be too cynical to say WoW without the badge system?
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    A triple-A sci-fi MMO set in the universe of the Hyperion novels. It will never happen. I can dream.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Verdris View Post
    WoW minus the idiots.
    and more stuff to do i'm so bored with wow atm D:

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    Quote Originally Posted by audioslave90 View Post
    Dragonball Z, not this stupid shit they've already made
    It exists, just only in a few select places. Unless you're referring to Dragon Ball Online when you say "stupid shit they've already made." 'cause yeah, it looks pretty fun. >.>

    Anyway, for me, I'd like DBO to come to the US, and I'd kinda like a Pokemon MMO...


    Quote Originally Posted by TheCrusader View Post
    there is already a dragonball online in the makings ... i think beta runs in korea for about a year now ... strange however ... it is not yet decided if the game will be released in europe and america.
    I just checked, and apparently Taiwan is getting it May 5th of this year, while China's release date is to be announced this year. Still "TBA" for everyone else, though. :\
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    EVE online with exciting combat. Or any other mmo where the world is player driven.

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    I would love to see an sandbox-mmo with an victorian-themed steam-punk setting.
    Also I would prefer a big variety of weird and phantastic species, they don't even all have to be humanoid, if they only fit in the setting mentioned above.
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    * possibly some puzzle solving
    * blood/fatalities
    * korean armor design, preferably on the slutty side for wimmenz and the cool side for doods, costumes, custom armor system
    * lots of animated emotes.dances
    * lots of character customization, hairstyle, tattoos, makeup, etc. can even make fat people!
    * full nudity, also makes fat people a double edged sword, but highly amusing all at the same time.
    * shove it all into something like ArcheAge's proposed PvP
    * dynamic dungeons. kind of like those randomly generated dungeons in EQ, except better and more to choose from. traps and stuff a la DnD.
    * fast paced combat.
    * epic quests that end with class defining weapons and possibly armor, kinda like FFXI's AF gear.
    * FFXI's mission system for telling the story of the game
    * would probably limit classes to 8. all the 32+ classes stuff ends up being convoluted and a nightmare to balance with lots of similar skills mechanic wise.
    * definitely need a monk/brawler type class, too few mmos have them.
    * addons
    * would look into integrating player made skins, or picking and choosing from them and compensating the creator. maybe even hold contests by player vote to implement skins.
    * no official forums, would keep players updated through announcements and stuff. fuck forums though. 90% bitching and popular fansites are pretty normal nowadays.
    * hire real GMs and shit to monitor/take care of things, sweep out botters/hackers
    * arena type pvp and challenges. premade always vs premade, pug vs pug.
    * weather

    and that's about it. probably more stuff i can think of but that's already an impossible mish mash of at least 10 MMOs past, present, and future, with customer service that will never exist.

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    Plays like vindictus, with a world as expansive as wows would be pretty suitable.

    I like games with structures where theres multiple ways to do things, and its not always about numbers, vindictus does that well because its more about strategy to not get crushed in one shot by a hero level boss, vs just bring people who do tons of damage.

    In that game you gotta grind for your gear, but everything is crafted pretty much, so everyone has equal access if you can invest the time.

    That or a monster hunter style mmo, which I guess would be frontier... but I want monster hunter action gameplay in a different universe, and a big thing for me is always a world to explore.

    Lots of classes, class combinations etc.
    Games like ffxi or this one free to play game called DOMO, or I guess even rifts, those are some great examples.
    I also have my own system in the works but I won't mention it here, as from some extensive searching I haven't seen anything similar to it yet and would like to keep it that way as I progress on the rest.

    I guess the short answer is, every game has something, but none of them have everything, If i could pinpoint the best aspects of some games and combine them, that would most likely be my dream mmo.

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    First I wanted to say something like Tera or the sort, but AutomaticBadger got a great point...
    Virtual Reality would be the best MMO I can think of.... for an example people can relate to more easily - think of Matrix without the machines.
    So real VR, where people have to manage money, go to their jobs, maybe even learn at universities and all.. though you'd still have to eat in the normal world.
    Oh and you should be able to teleport where you want to go (not EVERYWHERE, but more like teleport-stations).

    Would make the world change a lot tho...
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    Dream MMO?

    Low fantasy setting. Humans, elves, dorfs.. maybe undead. Could be all humans too. No guns and no machines unless they're implemented well and not common and accessible to players. For example in some old ruins and people have no idea what they are and can't use them. Also it has to have western style. Can't stand the anime style:P

    No mounts unless they're ground mounts and done well (realistic not pop them out of a smoke cloud and running and they're all the same)

    Realistic dying that's explained in the lore, not like WoW where players can just run back and NPCs are dead for good. One option is that you just don't die but get defeated and retreat like in LOTRO.

    Close to real life economy (rarities get more expensive over time, easy to get/make stuff gets cheaper etc.) guess something like Runescape.

    Gameplay - very hardcore rules. As long as there's no cheating, the game doesn't help you in any way and everything you can achieve is hard but doesn't decline over time.. at least not fast. Something like Eve Online.

    PvP - hardcore(optional), high stakes, you get to loot your kills and get their stuff. and practice, BG style where you don't risk as much if anything at all.

    Combat - ideally has non-violent options (talk your way out or sneak in and out) to solve quests but when figthting, it should be less about skill and more about preparation and tactics and of course your level and equipment.

    Crafting would be important and hard to perfect but would produce quality, wanted items at high level.

    And last but not least, it shouldn't be focused on level cap. In fact level cap should be close to impossible to reach but your level wouldnt mean everything. New content would be made for all levels and even higher levels would get something out of lower level updates (Like in Runescape) The best gear would remain best or at least very good even 2 years later and hard to get obviously.
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    ive said this loads - a future version of wow, like world of starcraft or summin -

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