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    If I get the game, charr and possibly sylvari. No decision on classes.

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    Going with a charr, be a bad ass predator that eats nachos am I rite?

    as for class, I don't know really. they all look very good from what I saw in the video. might try thief since the game won't be so dependant on tanks , I normally always played a tank class in WoW because I got tired of bad tanks, so thus I always felt forced to tank so that runs would go smoothly and not take hours @[email protected], this will be an ice vacation for me to freely try out many different roles all around.
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    Sylvari Elementalist
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    Charr Warrior. Steampunk with swords and rifles? Yes please.

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    Charr Thief =3

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    I'm still trying to get up with a good name so I can rserve it for GW2. :P
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    Charr Ranger. I was never a fan of GW1, but this looks good enough to be worth a try.

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    I really can't decide which I'll go for first, but I was thinking about these combinations:

    Human Elementalist
    Charr Warrior
    Asuran Necromancer
    Sylvari Thief (if the Sylvari redesign is any good, otherwise will probably be another human)
    Norn Ranger

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    a Warrior of one of those frog people races, and call him Pimple so he can be a Battletoad!

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    Wasn't there an similar thread a week ago or so?
    It depends mostly on what the 2 missing professions will be, but for now it is Charr Warrior and Asura Thief.
    Third would be Human Ranger or Elementalist depending on how good a warrior is for range fighting and how much diversity the hunter pet system permits.
    Of course that all can and will most likely change with future reveals and (hopefully) after some beta testings.
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    I would take Charr as race, but im not sure what profession (class) i would pick.
    Dessesions, dessesions.

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