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    Dear Plebs: A letter from a lvl 25 guild.

    This link ( was shared by a member of The Lucky Strikes (guild) on wowarmory.
    If you are worried about your position in a guild following level cap, read one guild's approach.

    Do you think this is fair or acceptable?
    Do you think this could happen to your guild?
    Do you think the guildmembers should have any rights or bargaining power (unionslol)?

    Dear Plebs,

    If you're here, and raging, it's probably because you just realized you were gkicked. I've already deleted all your forum accounts, and removed all your boards. There's nowhere you can post or vent so please, just read this.

    For the most part this was an awkward experiment we never intended to go as far as it did. I jokingly recruited a few people out of trade chat, gave them ginvite power, and this thing for the most part grew itself. With it was the nice realization that our 10m raid crew could push levels faster and not have to farm heroics every day, so we let it ride. We figured it was a nice give and take, you guys got the best perks available and we got our XP cap every day. To be honest we mostly let it go because we thought cash flow was going to be awesome, but it turns out you guys were collectively pretty shitty at farming gold. (Over the last 5 months we've made about 14k off of a roster of 900+ people). But the XP was flowing, life was easy, and this was a nicely self-sustaining little eco-system that we just sat back and watched grow.

    Unfortunately what accompanied this was an alarming number of less desireable members. Guild chat was basically useless, there were too many idiots to even try to manage, and for the most part nobody wanted to do anything. We gave you forums. We gave you vent. We gave you calendar events. We left GMOTD's saying "come sign up on the forums for X event!" and 2-3 people would do it. We tried to coax some of the more promising members into leadership roles, we gave them an entire section of the forums with spelled out raid strats, pvp discussion, and more.

    We tried. We really did try.

    What we got was a whole lot of nothing but people bitching that we wouldn't buy their epic flying, or pay their repair bills, or let them have potions out of the bank. People whining that we never carried them in our main raids, or that we didn't run them through heroics or lower level dungeons. We got a million stupid questions a day about how to spec or what stats are good for X class. We got the few people we thought were worth keeping making a mess out of the little power we gave them. Promotions / Demotions were fucked around enormously, guild MOTD and notes were all ruined, and gchat just eventually became a giant sea from which all the idiots could troll.

    When we hit 25 I kicked everyone that was inactive. I gave you all a few weeks after I cleaned out the roster to see if you would actually do anything other than occupy space in the guild pane and badger the bejesus out of us with stupid fucking tells. I gave you your time to finish reps, buy heirlooms, get what you needed, and get out. The time has come, and now, the ride has come to an end.

    That's not to say you're all bad, or useless, but let's be honest; any of you worth a shit shouldn't be in this guild anyway because the reality of it is that we're never going to do anything but 10m raiding. We have no spots for you. We have no spots in an alt raid for you. We have nothing to offer you but a backup spot on a roster of people that don't ever miss raids. It probably seems like a dick move to kick you, but in the long run we're doing you a favor.

    So, to all of you, thanks for what you did, we hope you enjoyed the perks while they lasted, but we're ready to have our nice quiet, mellow guild chat back. Enjoy the heirlooms, enjoy the mounts, enjoy the recipes, and I hope you enjoyed the ride. I can deffinately say it was at least, interesting, for me.


    EDIT - And here's a response from some one who was kicked from the guild:

    I just got booted from Lucky Strikes on Garona, along with my son and his alts. They just got to level 25 a week or so ago, then poof, 400+ members booted. I'm so recent, armory is still showing me in that guild. I'm also opening a ticket to make sure its part of their work load.

    My solution is to leave it be up to the guild leader to boot people, but have the resulting decrease in total guild experience decline by the amount booted, and have their level and perks reverted to the current level of the present membership. Also, I would make guild experience transferable, so people don't lose their investment in a guild on a whim, and have something to offer a guild that accepts them.

    - Level 85 mage from The Lucky Strikes
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    Now this is entertaining!

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    Speaking the truth. Very nice

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    My guilds been thinking about doing close to the same for Guildxp batteries.
    really opened up a new perspective on things.

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    well i didnt agree till i got to the poart of people complaining about not getting carried at which i realized the answer to 1 and 3 are yes and 2 will probably never happen to my guil

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    Uggghhh. WoW drama. The worst kind. It's just a video game people. Get over yourselves

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    haha brilliant

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    Part of the reasons why entire idea of guild leveling and guild perks were a bad idea.

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    The guild my main character is in has done this very thing and has informed each and every worker bee they've invited that in exchange for perks, they will provide guild exp and once we reach the cap, they will be kicked.
    It is a mutually beneficial deal that both parties have agreed to, and as such it is "fair" in the sense that both parties agreed. If a guild's leadership at any time decides they would like to take the guild in a new direction, they maintain the positions of power to shape the guild as they please and to add or remove memberships as they see fit.
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    I think it is fair and Very acceptable. A guild of ten people can't grow or gain achievements at the rate of 25, 50, 100, ect. The kicking and removal of rights is also justified in the sense that if you have either no leadership qualities, or refuse to act according to your position in a guild, you do not need that role. Guildmembers should have some bargaining rights, as many "trolls" in guild chat, even trade chat act out because they themselves get provoked, but if people refuse to fix their ways they don't deserve anything more than a firm boot out.

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    Humanity, why do you always have to disappoint me?

    Edit: This is in reference to the multitude of idiots crying and complaining, not the disbanding which I don't have anything against.
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    My guild personally is a 25 and were having no problem reaching the guild cap limit each day, Theres usually about 10 active people out of about 168 (including alts)
    Originally Posted by rëtribution
    hey, look at me. I'm needlessly escalatory and waving my newfound retribution paladin prowess around at people as if it means anything. Pay attention to me, i got achievements on the tail end of an expansion, clearly i'm better than you.

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    Haha, i love it.
    Originally Posted by Bashiok
    Is there a term you have for being shown proof and choosing to dismiss it?
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    I'm doing this on my bank alt's guild tonight!

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    It seems wrong to me.

    Mostly because the kicked guildies never saw it coming. And the overall tone is very arrogant

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    This thread shows promise.

    Very interesting idea, though, one I've considered entertaining, having been in now three guilds in cataclysm where the guild XP cap is always out of reach.

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    Very nice. Would ROFL if someone came into this thread and bashed you for kicking them.

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    Seems pretty reasonable to me. A load of bottom feeders got something out of it, and in turn lived up to what they were used for.

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    I'd love to see some responses from people who got kicked from the guild.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Firebane View Post
    Very nice. Would ROFL if someone came into this thread and bashed you for kicking them.
    I'm not a member of that guild, or even on their server. I simply saw this and wanted to share because it seems to be a concern for a number of players.

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