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    8/13 heroic [a] est lf ranged/heal/tank


    The Dauntless of Medivh is looking for a few raiding members to fill out our 25 man raid composition. One of the biggest advantages to joining our guild is its stability. As a 4 year old guild we are very familiar with what it takes to remain competitive and ongoing.

    Current Progress
    8/13 Heroic 25 man raids exclusively.

    WotLK progress:
    12/12 Heroic ICC 25
    Server 1st Ruby Sanctum
    Server 1st ToGc 25 Insanity
    Server 1st Algalon

    Currently we are looking for:

    1-2 DPS. We would prefer a mage/warlock/hunter but your class is not that important to us, your decision making is. This is a core spot within our ranks and available to the right people.

    1 healer, prefer paladin,shaman or Priest

    1 Tank

    Or course we will always be looking for players that can play at a high level and are committed to long term raiding. Many of our core members came to us when those positions were not needed.

    - All applicants must be well versed in the class and the encounters he/she enters.
    - Theorycrafting is essential as a raider here.
    - Must be willing to share responsibilities based on fight mechanics.
    - Any applicant must maintain a reasonably consistent attendance.

    About us:

    The Dauntless was formed in July of 2007. During TBC we cleared all content including SWP. In Wrath we hit every raiding objective from the initial entry 310 drakes all the way to a server 1st Algalon kill and TOGC 25 Insanity as well as Heroic LK 25 and Heroic Ruby Sanctum. We are currently progressing at a comfortable pace.

    Our raid times are T, W, Th, Su 7:30pm-11:30 pm EST. If all content is cleared we will take the rest of the time off. We expect 85% attendance but obviously stuff comes up from time to time. We'll work with you.

    Our raiding roster is currently at around 30 members so anyone stepping into our guild will get the chance to prove themselves fully before any decision is made on their future status with us.

    Our loot system is a fairly run loot council. It's what is best for the raid as well as who puts the effort in (I.E. someone who worked his tail off to get an upgrade outside of raid isn't penalized.)

    If interested please apply at our website or contact one of our officers in game. You may also email me at bpswoon1375 at yahoo.com. That is also my real ID if you would like to talk cross-server.

    Applications are submitted at: thedauntless.guildlaunch.com

    Hogun GM/DPS role lead. (you CAN contact him during raid times)
    Kiithis- Tank role lead
    Kvera- Healing role lead
    (chances are one of us is on an alt, simply ask someone for one of us)

    Any further questions feel free to e-mail me or hop on our vent and page

    PW:Cocoa Puffs
    Case Sensitive
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    I have returned

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    i just want recruits to love and squeeze

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    But I still haven't found what I'm looking for.

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    I have run through the fields

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    I have scaled these city walls

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    Only to be with you.

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    but i still havent found what im looking for

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    I guess no U2 fans in here.

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    What about jimi Hendrix?

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    There's a red house over yonder

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    Lord that's where my baby stays

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    Cause if my babay dont love me no more,

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    I know her sister will

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