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    Which MMO's do you recommend?

    So, I've quit playing World of Warcraft some time ago (I estimate almost two months now), and I've been casually playing Rift ever since. The game started out strong, but unfortunately, as I proceeded further in-game the mayor balance issues simpily became too much to handle. I went and cancelled my subscription today.

    However, I'm still a fan of MMO's, and I would like to play a new one. Although I'm really anctious to try out Guild Wars 2, as of yet it's still in development, so I have a timespan to spare until it comes out. As I write this I'm currently re-installing DC Universe Online, though I'm not sure how long that's going to entertain me again. So, I'm looking for a back-up MMO to play, in case I become bored of DC Universe Online!

    Dear people of MMO-Champion: What MMO's would you recommend giving a try?

    Here's a list of the MMO's I've already played:
    -World of Warcraft
    -DC Universe Online
    -Runes of Magic
    -Guild Wars 1

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    MMO's take several millions of dollars to make, so you wont find many "good" one other than World of Warcraft and Guild Wars.

    Final Fantasy 12 however is a PS2 game with and it's much like an MMORPG.
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    I'll recommend playing Guild Wars 2 when it comes out, have played Guild Wars 1 before and it was simply awesome. A good replacement for World of Warcraft in my opinion. (Have played World of Warcraft since release.)

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    I would recommend Tera to you, but since you're looking for something that's already released then... there's really not much to try besides the ones that you've already tried, as far as MMORPG's go.

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    There are plenty more mmorpgs than that list. In fact just look at this list. http://www.mmorpg.com/gamelist.cfm

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    Of the only MMOs I'd recommend to anyone, you've played all but EVE. EVE is hardly everyone's cup of tea though. What exactly are you looking for in a game?
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