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    MMO in 2011

    what r the new MMOs coming out this year? will u play them and why?

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    Star Wars TOR for one, and hell muthafuckin yeah!
    The game looks freaking insane, also they allready have the /dance working = The Game is ready for launch.

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    is the next expansion to WoW coming this year?

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    guild wars 2 and tera are the ones in the "near future"

    i will not play tera cause its an asian mmo, but guild wars 2 is going to be great and i will prob. play it if the beta looks good
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    Guild Wars 2, because it will have ALOT less grinding hopefully than wow and no monthly fee's so i can play wow and gw2 at the same time without going bankrupt

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    Guild Wars 2! It looks amazing so far I cant wait to try it

    Apparently there's a Star Wars mmo coming out but that just looks terribad..

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    The big ones are star wars, gw2 and tera, but there's quite a few others out there if you look around. I'll try star wars and gw2.

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    only mmo other than WoW that's caught my attention has been Secret World. Lovecraft, urban myths, ancient legends, conspiracy theories, etc in a modern setting with supernatural and sci-fi elements? throw in some pretty intriguing gameplay concepts...

    I just can't get interested in The Old Republic. now if it had been KotOR3, a proper continuation of the story in single player so that it could be more story driven and take into account choices in the previous games instead of throwing all that away for 'cannon' then I'd be interested. but the mmo? no

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    swtor. will probably play guild wars 2 as a secondary game.

    I should mention though, GW2 is most likely not coming out this year.

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    sw and gw. cant wait for both

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    Guild Wars 2 wont be out this year. So the big boys are just Tor and Tera ( and Rift, still a 2011 title )

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    Quote Originally Posted by moaradin View Post
    swtor. will probably play guild wars 2 as a secondary game.

    I should mention though, GW2 is most likely not coming out this year.
    That's looking like the case unfortunately. I'm still hoping it will come out this year though. Well I'm looking forward to SWTOR as well though.

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    Planetside Next

    The Secret World

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    I'd play the Secret World if I could afford it and WoW. Definitely picking GW2 up, looks pretty fun.

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    From all the information I got so far, Guild Wars 2 has the potential to be THE revolution of MMOs. And to make that happen, ArenaNet (the creators of the game) takes all the time it needs to, and they get all the time they need from their publisher NCSoft. They are strongly against pumping the game out if they don't feel it's ready. In that sense, I don't mind if it means a release far into 2012. Way to often potentialy good games were thrown at us in a mixed alpha/beta state, missing hell of a lot features, having next to no endgame content, in some cases not even enough real content at the later stages to reach max level without grinding.

    After watching some videos and reading articles about SWToR, it seems like nothing really new happens there, besides much more story driven gameplay. It seems like a crossover of a classic MMO and KotoR. I will definitely look into it if I got a chance at the beta or later with a test account, but I don't really think I'm going to like it that much. I rather have a KotoR3 than a WoW with story scenes.

    The Secret World looks promising. The setting is really fresh, nothing we've ever seen on the MMO market. Gameplay without leveling, getting better at what you want to do by just doing it, that's the kind of stuff that has the potential to not make most of the content redundant once you're past it (a little like Guild Wars 1, and to an extent in Guild Wars 2. In 1, depending in which of the three campaigns you're starting your character, the max level of 20 is hit fast, pretty fast or insane fast. Then you're finished with a tiny part of the world, and everything else, over three continents plus all the content of the single addon, is getting harder by being more challenging. And when you come back for what ever after some time, it may feel easy because you're that much better at the game, not because of an arbitrary number that is higher than the enemy's). I will definitely take a look into it.
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    I am hoping that sony will announce planetside 2 finally since they said they are working on it, cause i will definatly be quiting wow for that game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trasoz View Post
    Ya thats not coming out this year.

    Big ones are SWTOR and TERA. GW2 might come out this year might not. Ill be trying all of them

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