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    Recommend me some current FPS's

    So after playing Portal 2 (and loving ever minute of it) this past week, I have the hankering to play some FPS's.

    I would prefer some recommendations that are more current (so dont say CoD MW2 or counter strike). I just played the demo for bulletstorm and it was fun as hell, but does it actually get more interesting as the game goes on or is it just "see how many points you can get by doing kill combos" the whole way through? I would like something thats gonna blow me away gameplay wise and have a good story if it can. Begin!

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    Damn I was about to post Portal 2.

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    bf3 when it comes out

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    Borderlands perhaps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by georgevonfranken View Post
    bf3 when it comes out
    I thought BF3 was in November? thats pretty far away
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    Quote Originally Posted by georgevonfranken View Post
    bf3 when it comes out
    What part of "Current" don't you get? :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaneiac View Post
    What part of "Current" don't you get? :P
    With his logic how about Portal 3?

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    I'm having a ton of fun playing Homefront

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    Bad Company 2 is great... if you happen to catch a server without aimbotters.

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    Well its last generation but the Time Splitters series is a fantastic trilogy of shooters made by the same people that made Goldeneye on N64. The first game has very short but fast paced levels but 2 and Future Perfect are normal FPS style levels. The games have a lot of single player modes besides the story mode with lots of challenge modes of varying difficulties. It also have the ability to make your own levels and co-op.
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    I enjoy crysis 2 a lot to be honest, you can play a couple different ways in it, so it could have its replay value. I'd suggest trying it out.
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    Bulletstorm is interesting for a couple of days, but it feels like a side project with not much replay value unless your a e-peen stroker. It's defiantly worth renting though if you are able. If you can hold out to May the 14th I believe Brink will come out.

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    Bulletstorm is a great game to play over the weekend.

    Edit: Beaten to it, but yeah, what he said. Rent, don't buy.
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    Bioshock + Bioshock 2
    Whole of the Halo series
    CoD Black ops
    Unreal tournament 3
    Crysis + Crysis 2

    Some are old but still i think very much worth playing if you havent
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    I have beaten both bioshocks and while they had nice atmosphere I didn't find them all that interesting story or replay wise.
    I hate Halo, sorry, just can't do halo.

    Just watched some videos from Crysis 2 and it looks awesome, but is there replay and is the multiplayer overloaded with aimbots?

    And How is Black ops? I liked MW1 + 2 but I never bothered with black ops.

    My main goal is to find a game that will be fun to play multiplayer but if I get sick of people aimbotting I can just run some single player or even some co-op if theres an options.

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    Black ops is only worth getting if you want to do multiplayer seriously otherwise it's worse than MW2. And MW2 was only bad because of the lack of servers and some balance issues. Other than that it was great.

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    If you wan't to play Black Ops you better have a 360 or an amazing computer because, it's a poorly untested console port that has given players so much performance issue on the PC.

    MW1 is still a pretty decent game and is still pretty active.

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    Finished the Crysis 2 campaign the other day, and I really loved it. I'd suggest you try it.

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    umm since i dont think any1 has said homefront maybe you should try this the settings of the story are prty good..but the way they have panned it out you really wont play it for the single player though it does have some pretty heavy stuff going on,

    muiltiplayer is where it gets really fun like most fps

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    Call of Duty: Black Ops is worth the purchase, only bad part about it is the sniping and if you are good you can find a way to get around it and rack up the kills. I played the multiplayer demo of crysis 2, was pretty fun. Like someone said earlier there are different ways to play it, not just because of different guns but because of their armor abilities, one being stealth and the other being reduced bullet damage taken. Then you got Team Fortress 2, which in my opinion is an insanely addictive shooter experience, tons of weapons to change your gameplay style, and tons of weapons constantly being released.

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