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    So after playing Portal 2 (and loving ever minute of it) this past week, I have the hankering to play some FPS's.

    I would prefer some recommendations that are more current (so dont say CoD MW2 or counter strike). I just played the demo for bulletstorm and it was fun as hell, but does it actually get more interesting as the game goes on or is it just "see how many points you can get by doing kill combos" the whole way through? I would like something thats gonna blow me away gameplay wise and have a good story if it can. Begin!
    I came to post Sultana 2: the revenge of the Raisin.. but realised you meant the other type of current.. Try Amnesia, and steer clear of the actual shooters as they are all identical with varying story lines (never much different unless you only care how you gun looks)..

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    All of the call of duty games are WAY overrated as far as I'm concerned.
    As for recommendations, both Bioshock games were great, borderlands was also good. I haven't tried crisis 2. But Portal 2, which only just came out it easily in my top 5 games of all time. If you enjoyed the first one even a little, you'll love the second one twice as much. Not just recommending to the op, but everyone that reads.

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    Halo series is great. Reach is the most recent, but you'll still find people online for 3.

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    Well Black Ops (the latest CoD) is an option, good multiplayer and somewhat nice story in single player. Also Crysis 2 is supposed to be very good. Getting that myself in a week or so.

    Even though this is not out yet (I know you said 'current'), but a game called 'Brink' is coming out early May this year. Looks somewhat interesting.

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    Im pretty sure Mass Effect 3 comes out before may is over
    You may be smarter than me but I inherited a multi-million dollar enterprise.

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    I regret buying Black Ops, though I have been playing the multiplayer in Killzone 3 a lot, and it has been way better than most shooters out there. Other than that one, Rainbow Six Vegas 2 is still about the best shooter made so far. Try Operation Flashpoint if you like very realistic shooters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Love me View Post
    Im pretty sure Mass Effect 3 comes out before may is over
    No, not until 'Holiday 2011'.

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    Crysis games are real fun, infinitely better on PC as are all shooters (So much better looking on PC + Mouse > Joystick) I heard Homefront was pretty good though, /shrug.

  9. #29 it's free to play. there are some maps that you will need to pay a yearly cost ofr but it's only like 45 bucks for a year or something like that. it's prob the hardest video game "duel" wise ever made... well ok quakeworld is the hardest but still same kind of play 1v1 wise. but there is team based games also. a few video's... well since i can't post them. search "flagaholics" and "quakelive clan arena" and click on the amazing quakelive clan arena play"

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    Yea BF3 isn't out until Nov and that makes me a sad panda. But I have to say Black Ops I'm absolutely loving.

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    Team Fortress 2 is pretty sick still

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    Quote Originally Posted by thedreadlobster View Post
    Call of Duty: Black Ops is worth the purchase,
    black ops was lame, only good part is the zombies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaneiac View Post
    What part of "Current" don't you get? :P
    Part that no "current" fps's are any good and you have to go to older ones or wait

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    DO NOT get buleltstorm

    not worth 60 bucks
    go BF bad company 2...or idk halo reach or something

    oh yeah and TF 2

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