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    Been there, done that. For real.

    Race + Class

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    I've always wanted a melee healer. Building up some kind of "healing energy" while they attack targets in melee, and then unleashing it to heal allies. Also a "Tinker" kind of class. Choosing between explosives, robotics, and (maybe) lasers for their skill sets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LeBoucher View Post
    Yeah, it's called a Shadow Priest.
    It's funny cause it's true!

    Shadow Priests are only called that because they deal shadow damage. They're really just psychics.
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    others have said it, but a battle mage. One of the warcraft books described one (or at least it sounded like it to me). The one with medihv. It was the guy he was training, he saw it in a vision when he was in kara.
    Quote Originally Posted by Zoma View Post
    Congratulations for finding a use for expendable casuals.

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    stealth mage that jump from tree to tree and can shoot with bow and use a knife

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    i want Holycows , oh wait...

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    Battlemage! So magic and melee, something similar to a Chanter in Aion is what I'd imagine the application of it being in game possibly. I don't think I'd make a new race because I'm happy with a good chunk of my characters being Night Elf.

    If I did have to make a "new" race it would be to make Dryads available to play. I just think they look cool in general.

    Female version
    Another female model
    Male Version
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blznsmri View Post
    It's funny cause it's true!

    Shadow Priests are only called that because they deal shadow damage. They're really just psychics.
    It's funny cause they're more like Mindflayers then they are Shadow priests. Check em out in D&D and you'll probably agree.

    At Hethalion: The concept for the defiant that you listed could just be said that they're a form of if not Cambians and or Tieflings all together. Cool concept though on the mystic class.

    At OP: I would probably have to say a battlemage cause they're BA; and for race, we already have gnomes, just give them more class options and I'd be happy :3

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    I would make Sea Witch esque class thats a Ranged DPS/Healer thats based on the use of a ranged weapon.
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    A CQC fighter that also casts spells to enhance its abilities, and mid-level damaging spells when it can't get close.

    in other words, a monk =(
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    This thread is pure win. ANYHOW! Sticking to just WoW races/class,

    I would LOVE to make a Female Panderean Demon Hunter!

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