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    [Bio] Thedelion Dawnbreaker

    Name: Thedelion Dawnbreaker
    Age: 137 years
    Race: Blood Elf male
    Class: Spell-breaker (formerly); Death Knight
    Languages: Thalassian, Common, Orcish, Gutterspeak.

    Allegiance: The Horde, Quel'thalas (formerly); The Forsaken, the Banshee Queen, and the Ebon Blade.

    Occupation: A decorated war hero, he is a diplomat to some places (Dalaran, Orgrimmar, etc), and also acts as a general under Halduron during times of war. He now trains with the Forsaken and focuses on becoming a stronger death knight.

    History: Thedelion was born on Azeroth just before the orcs' pact with the Burning Legion on Draenor. Hestarted to train to be a spell breaker at around 40 years old, leaving his friends and family behind. When the Scourge attacked Quel'Thalas, he was on a expedition hunting trolls near Zul'Aman, protecting the magisters with them.
    * * *
    When the expedition arrived back at Silvermoon, half of the city was destroyed and the devastation was... grisly, to put it nicely. Thedelion's father had tried to protect his family, who's house lay within the path of what would later be known as the Dead Scar, but had fallen. His parents and his younger sister had perished in the wake of the foul undead, and his brother, who had been a ranger, had fallen trying to hold them off at the gates.*
    * * *
    Thedelion swore vengeance and when the Sunreavers went to Northrend to combat the Blue Dragonflight, he went with them. He waited and protected the magi, all through the Nexus War and the war against the Lich King, and he partook in the assault against Icecrown Citadel, with Sunreavers.
    * * *
    After the campaign in Northrend, he went back home and was offered to help protect the Sunwell in return for his efforts in the assault (his battalion perished one-by-one in the last few assaults, against Scourge Ymirjar, and he held a choke-point until reinforcements arrived), or a teaching position at the spell-breaker academy. He refused both, and left the army, and began to travel.

    Thedelion traveled for a bit, before being offered a position in Silvermoon's army. He accepted (reluctantly), and was forced by and Sylvanas to take on the Alliance in the war for the Arathi Highlands with a smaller force. He was utterly defeated, and the army annihilated.

    The Dark Lady sent a small "second chance" task force to "reacquire" this armies' services. Thedelion was raised to become a death knight, to lead once again.

    Appearance: Thedelion is tall (approximately 6 feet 4 inches), with long dark gold hair. His eyes glow with the signature green eyes of blood elves. He is lithe, but strong. He is a quiet, but caring and honorable man; he seldom speaks, ever since the deaths of his family. He can speak the Thalassian and Common tongues, along with some Orcish. He prefers to be alone, studying old tomes or histories, or practicing his swordplay, but likes to have companionship from time to time. He is stubborn, and as such, he will not back down from a fight, not even if all hope is lost.

    After being raised and becoming a death knight, Thedelion's skin has turned a sickly gray color. His eyes shine with the icy blue of all death knights, and his hair has turned the color of ash. His skin is rotting in some places, and bones are showing in many places.

    In battle, he is extremely adept with a bastard sword, and sometimes uses a shield with it. Being a spell-breaker, he has abilities that can counter what magic users throw at him (Including Spellsteal, Counterspell, Shield Reflection, Anti-Magic Shield, etc.). His one weakness to this, is that his surroundings can be affected (For example, if you sent a bolt of lightning at him, he'd feel a little shock, but if you sent it at the water he was standing in, he'd be jolted. This includes things like earthquakes, wind spells, blizzards, etc (Think of AoE spells)).

    Thedelion's new abilities have given him control over the powers of the Scourge. His earlier command over a spell-breaker's abilities have given him more powerful spell absorbing abilities than the average death knight. As a result of his earlier training, he retains some of the counter spells he had in life.

    Old Gear 1: That of the guards that patrol Silvermoon, upgraded to similar gear Lor'themar Theron wears.

    Old gear 2: A black a red version of the tier 6.5 paladin/warrior sets (Sunwell sets). Matching shield and sword.

    Weapon: The sword that served him in life does so in unlife. The sword's demonic red and green glows have disappeared, replaced by the blue and black of the Scourge. Runes cover the blade, and the weapon is also rusted and chipped from its time in the elements.

    Armor: Thedelion's old armor was too useless to use once he regained life. Rusted and worn away, it has been replaced by armor more suitable to a death knight. His armor is alabaster bone, twistedly snapped by magic. Mixed in are green and blue gems, and the helm is a skull (if you have trouble imagining this, it the death knight tier 13, whichever one is white).
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    Solid bio just 2 little things to add:

    High/Bloodelves count as adults at the age of 60, so you might want to correct you training age.

    And it would be good to have core data like race class gender age etc. in tabular form atop of the Bio

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khorianas View Post
    Solid bio just 2 little things to add:

    High/Bloodelves count as adults at the age of 60, so you might want to correct you training age.

    And it would be good to have core data like race class gender age etc. in tabular form atop of the Bio
    Khor we use the numbers in parenthesis, so adult age is approximately 110 if I remember my ages right. Of course training for being a Mage or something would start at a younger age than adulthood... Anyway, just pointing a discrepancy out.

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    Completely updated. Is now a death knight, albeit one with slightly better anti magic skills.

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    Late summer cleaning time, will be finishing up Thedelion's story progression, as well as Salarissian's and Larthian's.

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