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    *MoP Spoilers* Is it possible for the Sha to corrupt characters?

    According to WoWpedia, Sha can "corrupt and morph unwary mortals".

    I wonder if this extends to humanoids, mainly our characters. And I don't mean just being influenced (Feel angry, etc.) but more of mutating much like the corrupted zone in Pandaria or the zones inhabitants.

    So is it possible for humanoids to be fully morphed into monsters too? How is it done? Can it be reversed!? o-O

    (Sha-touched Tauren Sunwalker doesn't sound too happy D: )

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    I don't quite understand how the Sha corruption works. However it would be kind of cool if one of the raids that you get corrupted so you switch sides for the rest of the raid dungeon. Start destroying a town of your faction or a panda town till you kill someone highly important and wake up from the mind control from realizing what you did. Obviously still have full control of your character for the raid.

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    Well, based on the storyline stuff for the Alliance, you see a general getting corrupted for a moment so I can see it happening, I was thinking the same thing honestly.

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