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    Quote Originally Posted by Meledelion View Post
    I am an elitist, this doesn't mean that I support anet in every way possible.
    To be honest imo you can not be an elitist if you're not critical. An elitist strives to be the best at what he does, this is only possible if you criticise everything you do as you do it.
    This also means that if I have the possibility to play with my friends instead of pugs I will do so since I think me (and my friends) are better than your average pug.
    You are thinking of fanboys

    I hate, how bad we, the customers, are being treated. Having to wait 25 days for known critical issues to be "solved", being lied to regarding nerfs, listing tooltip updates as bug-fixes, buffing classes that needn't be buffed, nerfing classes that needn't be nerfed, introducing a new "tier" of gear, completely ignoring the pvp side of the game since they were working on balance and then releasing their "pvp update" without any balancing taking place are all things that shouldn't happen.
    The worst part about this is that they fail to realise that communication is key and so they keep us "guesing" as to what we'll be getting.
    I think you're misunderstanding what an elitist is, one usually doesn't label themselves as one its usually a term that someone else labels you as. Elite/Elitist different meanings.
    Claymore is Epic again, eat it priscilla fanboys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kimbald View Post
    And I didn't intend to direct this at you of course (how could I have known even...), so I hope I didn't insult you in that regard.

    As for the communication: they are seriously bad at that part... at least in my book.
    It's more than being understaffed, which seems to be a general issue at Anet at the moment for some obscure reason.
    It's also their decision to always hold vital info back. They're really scared of being pinned to a statement it seems.

    Bit silly, since that's exploding back at them now:
    never seen so many quotes from their manifesto thrown at their recent changes...
    Don't worry I'm not easilly offended and I wasn't offended by you at all. I also didn't have any reason to think you were adressing me in particular so I didn't think I was being adressed, I merely wanted to say that elitist may not have been the best word to use and included my definition.

    I agree that their fear of being pinned to statements is blowing up in their face. I'll expand on this later using the ranger as an example. It isn't a good idea to be vague when things are going to positive. There's two reasons for this: 1. Positive news will be toned down so expectations will be lowered when you're direct.
    2. When the "hype" isn't met, vague statements are a lot harder to defend than straight out news.

    Their message in the ranger forum 25days ago is a great example. They said:
    Poof! Someone called and I am here. We made some ranger changes this patch, but had to go back on them because of risk factor. There are some bugs being fixed and quality of life improvements coming in the next patch, as well as some other significant ranger improvements. I would Literally tell you but I think it would be considered a bit of a spoiler so you will have to be patient.
    While we work hard to keep updates going on all professions, not very build us going to contain fixes for everyone due to the nature of software development. One problem with rangers is the lack of build diversity created by a number of sub par utility skills. Many signets, a shout or two, and spirits are all a bit lackluster. That is the first place to expect improvements. Second is trying to improve the feel/ pacing on some weapons.
    Ok I can’t type more with tiny phone finger keypad. See you in game!
    I underlined some vague statements.
    "next patch" can mean the next time I need to download something, maintenance or content release. The thing to take away is that next patch creates the image of "soon".(1day to 2weeks in my book)
    "significant improvements" does this mean straight out buffs, cd reductions, general graphics updates or maybe reworks?
    "a number of..." things we consider bad/broken might be so for design reasons, not saying what skills will mean people think of the "worst" and expect updates there.
    "a shout or two" is it one or two or even more? There are four shouts, so that would mean half? And ofcourse the same issue as before.

    Now our expectations derived from this post:
    1. A relatively soon update (14days max)
    2. A rework/buff/fix for signets (since many are lackluster)
    3. A rework/buff/fix for spirits (since they die from random aoe dmg)
    4. A rework/buff/fix for shouts (since they simply lack use)

      If there was time leftover we would have liked (but didn't really expect)
    5. A sword rework/buff/fix since the rooting of autoattack is very cripling
    6. A greatsword rework/buff/fix since the damage isn't in line with the lack of utility, we would've liked higher aoe dmg (buff to swoop)
    7. A longbow buff/fix since the overall damage is very low in comparison to all other ranged non casters (especially on projectile speed)
    8. A shortbow rework/buff/fix due to the "nerf" introduced a bit earlier due to an "animation fix" (nobody ever noticed the visual glitch they fixed)
    What we got:
    1. Improved the effect chance on ranger spirits to 35% base and 50% when traited.
    2. Beastmastery minor traits now use the correct icon.
    3. Splinter Shot: This skill's damage is increased by 150%, and its bleeding duration is increased from 3 seconds to 4 seconds.
    4. Counterattack: The blocking portion of this skill can now be used while moving. Ranged attacks will not trigger the second half of the skill.
    5. Protecting Screech: This skill now states the correct duration of 4 seconds.
    6. Call of the Wild: The Wilderness Survival trait Off-Hand Training now applies to this skill.
    7. Throw Torch: The speed of the projectile has been increased.
    8. Maul: This skill's damage has been increased by 40%.
    9. Sun Spirit: The tooltip for this skill now displays the proper burning time of 3 seconds.
    10. Whirling Defense: This skill was updated so that it interacts better with combo fields.
    11. Splinter Shot: This skill is now a small projectile combo finisher.
    12. Coral Shot: This skill is now a projectile combo finisher.
    13. Feeding Frenzy: This skill is now a projectile combo finisher.
    14. Mercy Shot: This skill is now a projectile combo finisher.

    Comments on the patch
    A wait of 25days created extra buildup/anticipation. The longer you get to work on something the higher expectations will be.
    1. Doesn't help, the biggest issue with spirits was the fact that they die instantly from random aoe dmg(ofc the low proc-chance didn't help)
    2. Nobody cares about tooltips, we'd much rather real buggfixes
    3,11,12,13,14. Fixes to things that weren't issues, rangers were good underwater probably even OP
    4,8. Good fixes on their own but not the things needed to make the GS more viable.
    5. Tooltip fix, handy but far from urgent
    6. Great fix
    7. Another good idea but useless fix, you use the torch for the combofield so you'd probably be in melee range when using the torch (meaning projectile speed is useless. Another reason why it's a silly update is that due to those factors you'd use a sword which on it's own is broken aswell.
    9. Another toltip fix, handy but far from urgent, and ofc same idea as point 1
    10. Same idea as point 7

    So we didn't get our spirit overhaul nor our shout overhaul nor our signet overhaul. It's no surprise people are upset.

    I agree with you that their concept of keeping things vague is hurting them in the long run. If you tell ppl you'll have a "big fix" "soon" and to "look at X area in particular" you're creating the image that no matter what happens, all buggs or most in area X will be fixed between now and 2weeks (I took my definition of soon for an MMO).

    If it takes you 25days, and the fixes you have applied are everywhere but area X people will be anoyed. You're better off just saying, look guys we know there's issues with x, y, z,... On our next big update (coming nov 15th) we'll start by focusing on tooltip issues and underwater combat. This doesn't mean we won't be looking into ways of solving x, y and z though, those issues are simply too big to fix before the 15th.

    /rant /grab drink

    Quote Originally Posted by Newbryn View Post
    I think you're misunderstanding what an elitist is, one usually doesn't label themselves as one its usually a term that someone else labels you as. Elite/Elitist different meanings.
    I went with my own interpretation of the definitions from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elitism, http://www.thefreedictionary.com/elitist, http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/elitist and ofcourse http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=elitist

    From the second to last source:
    (of a person or class of persons) considered superior by others or by themselves, as in intellect, talent, power, wealth, or position in society: elitist country clubbers who have theirs and don't care about anybody else.
    But please do clarify what an elitist is according to you. I realise it is often used as an insult but I simply don't see it that way, just as the words nerd, geek and try-hard aren't insults to me.

    P.S.: I was thinking of posting what we wanted aswell but that list is 68points long and takes way to long to comment on. It comes down to 1 of those issues having been fixed now.(going from a quick read through), if you're interested you can find it here https://forum-en.guildwars2.com/foru...anger-Bug-List
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    I just want to say that the whole "Go back to X game" is not new or solely GW2's community. Hell, everytime I log onto to TERA and someone starts complaining in Global chat I see a bunch of people flame and say shit like "atleast its not Fagwars2" or things like that. That kind of attitude is the mmo community in general. I can't comment on how I feel about the new Ascended armor and such as I haven't been keeping up with recent events in Gw2 nor am I at 80 where I am assuming this is where it effects most. But truthfully I dont think I'm going to get upset with this change, I have mostly accepted the changes as they come from any mmo.

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    By the way, has anyone noticed a decrease in rare drops as of the new patch? I used to get lots of them before and now I haven't gotten a single one

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    Hmm, more annoying, risen or karka?

    The veteran karkas, ugh

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    reef drakes!

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    That "Go back to wow" seems pretty common nowadays. Relative to this subject, today as i was taking my usual stroll on Star Wars The Old Republic , i kept reading this in chat as a reply to the recent Free to Play(ers) when they didn't like how something was done in the game. Followed usually by "Play pandas" or "Leave to pandaland" or any variation possible.

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    mmo-communities tend to function like neighboring cities or areas: they just hate each other. the more similar the games are from an objective point of view, the more hate is spewn around. human psyche is a weird thing.

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    today I had the most epic experience in a game… ever.

    It happened in the Karka cave, but it had nothing to do with the encounter. There is this lava-pool where the boss died a horrible death, found a dead guy in there and wanted to revive him… well how stupid am I? ^^ Got ignited and it hurt like hell… tried to climb back up but I couldn’t find a way outside and so I died horribly. When I looked at the next waypoint… well… I had only the first one unlocked.

    Well I way lying there and was joking with some other guys when suddenly someone jumped in there too. He tried to help me but he shared my misery. More and more people tried to help and after a few deaths later they actually managed to help – it was epic ^^ I was never more proud to be a part of this community. Those guys beat lava Made my day!

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    I think the mob damage in the new zone is ridiculous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maythael View Post
    I think the mob damage in the new zone is ridiculous.
    Seconded. The damage is way, way too high.

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    I think it's perfect, my lvl 20 war was surviving without much issues...

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    Can someone tell me what there is to do on karka island?

    Ive explored the whole dang thing and only saw 3 events. 2 were in the sea.

    Seems stupid that they introduce a new zone, do the one time event chain and then there are no more DE.

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    There is a series of events that repeat themselves but its certainly not chocked full of em. I have done the taking the island event several times and there is a very long chain event where the Lion's Guard patrols the island that is several events one after the other. There is the consortium gather quest, couple of them on the islands connected to the main one with land bridges and the Shark. that I have seen so far

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheJekyll View Post
    Seconded. The damage is way, way too high.
    I don't think it is. I think it's perfect. Taking out a veteran is now something to be proud about again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maythael View Post
    I think the mob damage in the new zone is ridiculous.
    Same for the HP. If people are already skipping far less tough mobs in Orr while farming nodes there is no reason to fight anything in Lost Shores or even revisit the zone when the rewards are so crap.

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    lost somewhere in the corn fields of middle America
    Same for the HP. If people are already skipping far less tough mobs in Orr while farming nodes there is no reason to fight anything in Lost Shores or even revisit the zone when the rewards are so crap.
    While I agree the mobs there are "tough" and a bit over tuned there is far from "little" reward there. Anyone notice that the rare crafting mats drop like candy off of the skelks? With the current price escalation of crafting mats this is a great place to bank until the market adjusts or simply easily farm some mats for profession leveling and crafting rares.

    I would like to see some better drops off of mobs but I havent been back since the end of the event to see if anything changed. I do however LOVE another place to farm Orichalcum and Ancient wood though and its a very nice change of pace.

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    I'm not the one to complain, but these Karkas are somewhat hard. Not because of their health and damage, but due to the fact that if you move around, there's always one more around there in the woods who you'll most likely aggro and two karkas is difficult to deal with.

    On another note: I love this new zone. I think it's so much more beautiful then Orr.

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    The trouble I have is the Kraka spawn almost instantly.

    For example, I just killed two of them in Sunshore Shoals. I stopped to type in guild chat for less than 10 seconds. Both recently killed kraka respawned right behind me. -_-

    It's just like Orr-- nothing too tough but the respawn and density so obviously is not sent through balance passes at Anet. I am sure at this point that they don't have a team that does QA. It's just the actual programmers themselves doing QA.

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    Yeah I have to agree that arenanet doesn't really have a handle on the spawn rate in this game. It's partly why I can't play for a long time in a single setting. I get fatigued by the constant combat (and with action oriented combat it is even more fatiguing) in GW2.

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