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    Well I think I can like video games but not let it be the only leisure activity that I have in my life. While there are others who certainly play video games a lot more than I do that doesn't mean I don't like it. I just find that comment of yours rather odd.

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    Accuracy not guaranteed!

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    Endless Mystery Cat Tonic - d'awwww
    Valar morghulis

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karizee View Post
    Endless Mystery Cat Tonic
    I was hoping you linked the video with the "Pussy-Pussy-Cat" song. XD http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DnZhhRcluxo

    I still can't decide whether to get the tonic or not. Do you think it'd make getting WvW map completion any easier if I were a wee kitten? :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lane View Post
    I was hoping you linked the video with the "Pussy-Pussy-Cat" song. XD http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DnZhhRcluxo

    I still can't decide whether to get the tonic or not. Do you think it'd make getting WvW map completion any easier if I were a wee kitten? :P
    I'd rather spend 125 laurels on unidentify dyes and sell them. 25 laurels = 7g in unidentified dyes so about 32g you can make off it.

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    I've basically resigned myself to not buying anything until I see if they add anything to the laurel vendor with the achievement point revamp, which I believe is coming in the next patch.

    There's really not a lot on the laurel vendor for someone like me. Ascended items are a complete waste as an altoholic unless they one day make them account bound. Most of the rest of it doesn't seem worth it. Dyes would be one of the few exceptions and maybe the heavy crafting bag.

    Regardless, I'd been thinking about the cat tonic for awhile since I thought it might make me a bit more unnoticeable while trying to get WvW map completion. Maybe that's not realistic though. :P (I keep hoping in vain they'll remove WvW from map completion. *sigh*)

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    Yea I don't get much out of the vendor either, its either unidentified dyes for profit or choncy von snuffles

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    I really wish they do something with group events. Make it phased out because right now its just awful.

    Event activates, event area gets phased out. 15 or so random people get put into the same phase and they do the event scaled to 15 people (if there isn't enough players the event scales for how many players are there. The Phased area stays for 30 minutes enough for people to get a group if they want and enter. While players are outside the phased zone they see NPC's fighting their own version to make the world seem open still.

    Right now nobody even bothers with mechanics of group events, I have not seen the shatter's mechanics besides crystals coming down when he goes immune. They are just loot pinatas and it's really sad.

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    Anyone tell me how to kill a ranger underwater, I can get him downed fine but he pops his pet heal and I can't stop it. I've tried killing the pet, CCing the pet, CC the ranger it wont stop.

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    You can't kill a ranger underwater, the only class that has a shot are thieves (24/7 evade).

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    How/where do you learn how to make large potions of food? Like feasts, pots, and trays of things?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lane View Post
    How/where do you learn how to make large potions of food? Like feasts, pots, and trays of things?

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    Ohh, it's a mystic forge thing. That explains why I couldn't find it under cooking recipes in the wiki. -_-


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    They are pretty pricey to get, either by the trading post or by "crafting" the recipe with the mystic forge

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    I was thinking about creating a "What Would You Put in The Game?" thread or something like that, because I personally enjoy playing around with my own ideas of something to add to the game. WvW is in a pretty good state, really awesome and fun. Maybe more things so you can contribute as a few persons and so it feels a bit more like the open world? Eh, not high priority on my list. Not right now, anyway.

    PvP, not much of a PvP player myself, but adding more kinds of modes and maps and ladders and stuff could be cool I guess? Don't have any current thoughts.

    Guilds, guilds are really important in MMOs, and the more stuff there is around it, the better. guild activities, guild houses, guild PvP, guild WvW, guild everything. The recent addition of Guild Missions was really great on the PvE side, and WvW is basically ruled by great alliances of guilds on the different servers, so that's a plus. Don't have any thoughts, besides something that could tie in with a "Guild Hall".

    The World: The world is really awesome, but I'd like more initiatives to go out in the world and just explore all the tiny bits spread around, conversations, secrets, jps. Besides the few meta-events that awards chests and when you need 100% World Completion, you don't really use the gorgeous world as much as you did when leveling, which is a shame when that's a part I'd like to be part of the "endgame starts at level 2." I feel like Orr was trying to do this, but at this point I find I rarely want or need to go there. And while it's a really cool place, the armies of risen tends to get annoying after a while. Southsun Cove is a breath of fresh air, but so far there isn't much to do there. Mostly visits only because of Guild Missions taking place there. Don't have any current ideas, besides adding more Level 80 zones with stuff worth doing that really hit the right spot about everything that makes the world so awesome to level in.
    On a side note, the Mad King Clue Quest with finding parts of the book was a really cool way to get you around the world. Actually, so was the Karka event. I hope they will do more stuff like that, maybe that's what they try to do with the Living Story, or might do with it?

    PvE: Now PvE is widely discussed I find, with many complaining about the lack of stuff to do in PvE level 80, when getting gear is pretty straight forward. Currently, I find Fractals to be the only content that really fits the PvE model people are looking for (dungeons too, but fractals is basically dungeons but better imo). They're really a stroke of genius too, they're easy to expand and add stuff to. New fractals once in a while could help keep it fresh, with more stuff to get there over time. But I think there should be more PvE content to progress in like that planned. I still like the idea of a oldschool D&D dungeon, with random rooms and puzzles and NPC interactions and "roleplay" involved, kinda like the Sword & Sorcery books too, if anybody knows those.
    I also have a half-formed idea in my head that basically is Minas Tirith + WvW + Orr.

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    I was thinking about creating a "What Would You Put in The Game?" thread or something like that, because I personally enjoy playing around with my own ideas of something to add to the game.
    I think Anet have a pretty good game. The direction of development seems alright for the most part.

    Think it would be swell if Arena.net kinda spent more time polishing their secondary systems. Even in GW1, their secondary systems could be super frustrating or obtuse. GW2 is a little better but like I still can move an ability on my bar or drill down in AH search results. Stuff like that- the QOL systems of a highly polished, big budgeted game game.

    Content wise I think things are relatively fine for the type of game Guild Wars 2 is designed to be and the audience it is appealing toward.

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    Dueling and housing would be my top 2. I can't think of others at the moment, I'm still too sleepy lol! But I love being able to duel people and would like to see it in-game, however I doubt they will implement it.

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    Most of the things I would add would be for convenience sake.

    • Trading Post: This still needs a lot of work. Previewing was long overdue, but so are more filters and an overall better search function. Plus, there are a lot of other irritants such as not being able to click on anything under "My Transactions" without having to completely refresh the list afterwards.
    • Crafting Materials: This is one of the biggest reasons people aren't out and about in the world from my perspective. I'd be curious to see what would happen if they added a chance for materials to upgrade to your level in the same way armor/weapon drops do.
    • Karma: This really needs to be made account bound.
    • Dyes: While we're at it, I'm still going to argue at the very least rare dyes should be account bound or the drop rates need to be increased. Spending 10-20g per character for basic colors like black and white is ridiculous.
    • Skins: I'd really like to see a PvE skins locker. I find the current system terrible, especially with their seeming penchant for limited/one-time-only skins. It means you can never salvage anything you transmute and I assume if you mix up a transmute you're SOL forever.
    • Guild Bank: For the love of god, why do I have to completely remove a stack from the guild bank to combine it with something in my inventory? This is one of the dumbest things ever.
    • Pact Portal: Okay, so, letting anyone use any order portal was great, but I'd still like there to be some sort of ability to port to your order base.
    • Map Completion: I want WvW separate from PvE map completion.
    • Minis: I currently have 0 use of minis in part due to how it's designed. It's really a throwback to vanilla WoW having to remove the mini from the bank and having it take up an inventory spot. I'd like to see some sort of way to summon them through the interface like WoW has. (Plus, if I wanted to use the same pet on different alts that's such a hassle.)
    • Gathering Tools/Salvaging Kits: STACKABLE, for the love of all that is holy! >_<
    • Character Creation/Modification: I'd either like to see the "exclusive" options available for preview in character creation or the lighting in the makeover kits changed. Using Asura as an example, their grey skin colors look brown to me using the Total Makeover Kit, which has made trying to design one around the new hair colors difficult.

    That's all I can think of for now. :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by Doozerjun View Post
    GW2guru Q&A developer interview here

    That's exactly what I was saying about what I want in the new patch. TRAITS. I do not understand how much they (and by that I mean we) have overlooked in terms of improvement, help weapon/build viability AND balance within the same class, AND helps with class balance. It's nice that they are going strong on this but that has been said past fairly few months, certainly more than 4. Which is why I said that they could change a bit their approach to the matter.


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