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    I'm starting to work again on my "Actually complete meta achievements for story shit" project on my engineer again. Anything combat-related is just way too fuckin easy as mechanist, even after the nerfs, and otherwise holosmith is a lot of fun for me (haven't tinkered around with scrapper much, but do kinda wanna toy around with a support build eventually). Realized I was working on HoT before I'd even finished S1/2 so I'm back to S1 and replaying through that again since I may as well knock them out chronologically.

    A lot of it is kinda annoying and grindy, like completing a ton of events in Diessa Plateau but at the same time...it's kinda a nice change of pace to just be dicking around a map running from event to event. And seeing lots of low level players (seemingly new) in the process. I'm finding that I remember a lot of these events for the most part, but there are a fair few I very well may have simply never done.

    Also seriously, I cannot gush enough about the noodle shop chair in the cash shop. I give zero fucks about the whole chair thing in this game but it's genuinely rad and results in all kinds of fun behaviors like little noodle districts spontaneously opening up. Absolutely worth the like $5 it costs or whatever.

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    They definitely hit a sweet spot with a multitude of events scattered across the continent. I still haven't decided which are my favorites yet, but I find myself sinking time in Silverwastes more often than I should. Sometimes ending up looping in place for 5-7 hours straight without even noticing that the day passed by. There is something about power of cooperation whilst locking entire zone and working towards your culmination. I've picked up magical gathering tools so in between breaks running around and digging the place is another satisfying hobby.

    Green mean killing machine is definitely one of my favorites in this game and my second main along low intensity scourge, I think I swapped shift and maybe something else for more sustain and healing when facing those brutes. I still wish that the 5 wouldn't force me into melee (hence ditching shift), but I guess the game want's you to share those melee goodies. There is always room for learning, so looking forward to it whatever it might be.

    Living 2,3,4 and Dragons are still on my to-do list, and I should go and do that instead of clowning around in Silverwastes. By the way, the WTB market board function is legit, I suggested this option back in vanilla for WoW. Great to see GW2 is actually rocking it. I can sell my shit premium which by the way (depending from item) sometimes isn't even that far away from what is being sold. Even it isn't same with endgame economy, still it's pretty cool whilst you working way up.

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