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    yeah, I just want more open world stuff (open the crystal desert pretty please), change up the events, make them more interesting, put in some more interesting looking armors (that aren't dungeon based), add in some compelling reason to why we fight in WvW.

    if they never add another dungeon to the game, I'd be perfectly content

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    My friend, you want Archeage and Everquest Next.

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    The ironic thing about me ranting about instanced content is that other game I'm currently playing is torchlight 2. But they are completely different types of games so meh, just thinking out loud, don't mind me.

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    I would like more high level events spread out so everyone's not clustered together in the same spot (e.g. pent/shelt). Either that or make all drops scale so it's not such a gratuitous loss of income to do lower level zones at level 70+.

    I really don't understand why their armors fail so hard. I've seen the cosmetic stuff they had in GW1 and it's all 100x better than most of the stuff in GW2. Makes no sense to me. I also wish they'd put in a little more effort with Asura and Charr armors. I get that they're not supposed to be froo-froo pretty like they are on humans, but most of it is just damn ugly for no real reason. There's no reason this should look like that:

    They don't even look like the same armor! They need to take some tips from Tera as to how to make the same armor look amazing on all races.

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    well, tera's races are almost human or human like, so I'm not sure that is a fair comparison

    but they do a good job of that I agree

    The one game in which I wish GW2 would take their armor from is Vindictus.
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    I think there's enough difference between races like the Popori and the Aman though. Popori would just be short, fat Charr and Aman would be taller, scalier Asura. ;P

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    Lane: all drops do scale, or have a chance to scale. It's something they improved last month,. (see https://www.guildwars2.com/en/news/d...ng-adjustment/) Not saying it's perfect, but loot drops do scale

    Quote Originally Posted by Ryngo Blackratchet View Post
    Yeah, Rhandric is right, as usual.

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    The only difference in Tera races were ears, feet and boobs.

    Tera has the best shoes and clothes I have ever seen in a video game- online or offline. They must have gone to boutiques and photographed shoes, blouses and jackets for Tera's clothing models.

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    Ages after... finally got 100% world completion! \o/
    For me its rather big achieve since never was a type to clear all zones in wow etc. before. First game that I actually wanted to do so and enjoyed it a lot while doing it.
    When it comes to those new gear parts - atm I give a crap about it and not really a fan of them being there either.

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    Well, looking at the higher level tiers in Tera they look significantly different per race, but you can still tell what tier they are and for the most part they look good on everyone. I guess I may as well post an example. :P

    Same armor, distinctly different look, both look totally awesome.

    Quote Originally Posted by rhandric View Post
    Lane: all drops do scale, or have a chance to scale.
    Well, it's not 100%. I still get level 9 drops when I roam around Queensdale on my 80s, for example. More importantly, bag/crafting material/salvage drops do not scale and that's where a lot of the $$ is. If they did it'd make a big difference in the profitability of doing lower level content. As it is, every moment you're not in Orr or I suppose Southsun Cove to some extent you're essentially losing copious amounts of potential profit (for every small venom sac that drops that isn't a potent venom sac, etc.).

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    Screenshots above made me log in to Tera as of 2 mins ago. Game is so beautiful.

    LOVE all the scarves, sashes, asymmetrical collars and fur lining in the game. It's like two of most enjoyable things in human history merged; 70s glam rock and video games.

    A light armor user in Tera could walk by in an outfit not too far from this: link. And its fabulous and wonderful.

    Now playing.

    My only gripes with Guild Wars 2 is the cosmetic system [which includes how disgusting most of the clothing looks], lack of AOE looting and UI.

    If Anet just had more modern art direction and a UI as customizable as Rift, Tera or GW1-- I'd be pretty damn well happy from an entertainment POV.
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    I agree about UI customization.

    Disagree about the art direction, it has the best art of any mmo that I have ever played.

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    In the world, yes.

    In characters and clothing, vomit-tron.

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    Subjective. :P I still think Rift's the most beautiful game world I've seen (though a lot of WoW with updated graphics would look amazing), even moreso than Tera (though I've been told I'm nuts for thinking that). As for clothes, Tera hands down for sure.

    Hard to say about character models. I do think GW2 did a good job with the Charr, but the humans look really cartoony to me, at least the females do.

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    The best character models I've seen in an mmo was age of conan.

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    I am slightly obligated to be like, "agree to disagree". However, Rift is fairly hideous looking and World of Warcraft looks like baby vomit after they accidentally eat a box of crayons.

    Pretty hard for me to agree to disagree when GW2 equivalent light armor compared to the design excellence of Tera is like this, literally:

    Erm, yea.

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    how does that dress stay on her...top?

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    Well, in the case of Rift I'm willing to write it off as having to do with just how realistic the world looked. I still maintain that the lighting in Rift is phenomenal, which was also one of my initial disappointments in GW2.

    This is still one of my favorite cloth armors from Tera:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doozerjun View Post
    how does that dress stay on her...top?
    There are ways. Wired plastic cups your tah-tahs sit in, invisible straps that go around your back or neck, the top can be fitted as well, etc.

    It's not like we haven't figured out how to hold them up for years now.

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    Well I was just going to answer it by, it's a fantasy video game. Can't justify anything in these games from real life physics.

    The armor in tera is very hit and miss with me. I like some of the robes/dresses. Not a whole lot of the others I like though. The Castanic stuff in particular are really hideous.
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