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    Quote Originally Posted by xiza View Post

    kinda old but yeah.. it shall do it.
    this is THE.BEST.T-SHIRT.EVAH!

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    How to make them bigger. Meh not a big deal but here is what I look like. Click on them to see a bigger picture.

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    I just had to post. My facebook profile picture :3...
    Yes, i do indeed have a 2 different coloured eye.
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    The internet IS really what you make of it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Samoria View Post

    This was me last year during Halloween
    You're amazing and beat that santa picture that made me laugh earlier!
    Well done sire, well done indeed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by btw it was me View Post
    [IMG]<picture link to harddrive>[/IMG]
    guess ill post my pic up
    You have to upload the picture to a website, such as [url="www.tinypic.com"]tinypic[/img] and use the link you get there.
    I would advise removing your real name from the post immediatly.

    Edit: Oi, Migari, edit that quote & remove the name. Actually, remove the whole thing. Can locate FB profile via the picture name, better not risk personal safety.
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    Lol I know being the one asian guy on the forum was gonna make me distinct >.>
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    Quote Originally Posted by Katsuii View Post
    :O Have not! All my pictures have been different if I recall correctly... *checks posts* Well maybe some from the same day, but still :3

    /leaves red mark
    Well I like looking at them so carry on

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    Quote Originally Posted by Linoleum View Post
    Epic beard is epic. I've got some paint on the side of my house that needs work. Can I borrow it?
    Chronic Sufferer of A.D.H.L.A.S.* (Attention Deficit Hey Look A Squirrel)

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    last holiday :x

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    Thought I'd join aswell

    Grimtor - Protection warrior - The maelstrom EU.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Linoleum View Post
    Yeah for some reason this is my favourite beard picture, and your eyes man... you look like you are completely baked haha

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    Quote Originally Posted by Melodi View Post
    Here's another one of me getting proposed to... in front of like 150+ people at my sorority formal 3 years ago. It would have been awkward if I had said no.

    Haha awesome. That's a good photo.

    I like his smirk, haha. He's got you right where he wants you.

    And sorry I only commented about your trip. Maybe guys don't like making advances on women who are clearly taken. :P
    Arguing on the internet is like...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hallufauz View Post
    Meanwhile in Finland.....

    And yes, that instrument I'm holding was done afterwards using photoshop. I'm not really holding anything.

    "Oh come on, try to fake a smile."

    More guys need hair like this. Very nice.

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    A picture of me from last year.

    My kitty plays WoW too. :3

    Wonderful Ysera set by Aderianu of AHS

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ksarmar View Post
    Found a red pic! Its not very good, but it shows the color pretty well
    I can't.... umm... yeah Gorgeous thats what i was looking for.

    Find Laredon!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lared0n View Post
    I can't.... umm... yeah Gorgeous thats what i was looking for.

    Find Laredon!
    Up the tree!

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    Quote Originally Posted by warwithin View Post
    i've got an image of a kitten with a melon on his head as an avatar.
    MELON? That is LIMECAT.

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    Beer+ gaming pic, seems like I am tired from waddling after some frost mage in that picture
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    So, I'm pretty sure I win the "beard" contest, but if anyone else feels like challenging me, go ahead!
    Oh, and yes my carpet matches

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