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    Quote Originally Posted by Duster505 View Post
    Comon Kiko - This is normal things (acording to ppl here) to finance new games. Spend the money from subs on next game and let the old one rot with recycled content. Be ready to be laughed at if you find that unacceptable.

    yes... really

    Blizzard have lost alot of their long term subs and I dont think 4.2 will change that. PPL realise now what is going on at Blizzard and dont see a the point in spending 1000$ for next few years to support another game beeing designed while the "interns" keep WOW in maintainance mode.

    Blizzard is now counting on 12 year olds to drink the milk from their cow... Thats just how it is and we have to accept it.
    It's a shame that this is how WoW is going to end. After the years I put into is, this is how it's going to be. All because the sheeple didn't take a stand. "Usually" it is the hardcore fans that ruin games, and that's because they ask for the wrong things. But in this case, blizzard is just taking the majority of WoWs profits and putting into 3 or possibly more projects, instead of balancing things out and putting a proper amount of money and support into the game that's making them their money.

    It's not abnormal for companies to pump money into other projects, but to not feed your golden cow is something no other business does.

    A good amount of people I alone personally know left the game, we're talking about 13 people not including myself. They HAVE to be seeing these declines in numbers as I'm sure I'm not the only person that observed this, along with seeing the census mods tracking showing a lower amount of players than the lowest frame of ICC. I'm sure blizzard is troubled over this, but we have to see if they act, or just go down the road of mediocrity they're traveling as they maybe getting more than what they need despite losing a lot of players. Titan will be the first MMO ever to launch in the black.

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    It's actually going to be fun to try Arcane now. Might level my mage, single target DPS is just SO potent as Arcane.

    I like how many people can bitch, moan and rant at Blizz for 'recycling old content'; Get real. The zones are old but the fights and mechanics are new. What else can Blizzard do for you to stop you bitching? Nothing. I'm right. Suck it up or cancel your sub, nobody is forcing you to play.

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    the mount looks truly majestic! defo buying it

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    •All trade goods available for purchase with Honor or Justice Points from the associated commodities vendors have had their prices reduced by 50%.

    does that mean That heirlooms will be cheaper always ?

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    •All trade goods available for purchase with Honor or Justice Points from the associated commodities vendors have had their prices reduced by 50%.

    Does that mean heirlooms will be cheaper also ?

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    wut im wondering is, if we are able to gain extra reputation with your mains when we equip heirloom guild tabards. didnt have time to check it.

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    the lion looks good -.-'

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keristrasza View Post
    I love how raiders who blow through content feel they are entitled to new raids based on the fact that they are that good. Its your fault for not learning to pace yourselves when you have 0 idea at all when new raid content will be available. There IS more to this game than simply spending your time in raids, and if you don't then perhaps its not blizzard who has the problem.
    The people who "blast through the content", like myself, are usually not the ones bitching about there being no new content. The people who bitch about wanting more content are the people who only run heroics or decided that since they can't kill the bosses in the current raid they need new bosses to beat, for some reason. Honestly there really isn't much to this game but raids, really, heroics are pointless and boring, dailies are unnecessary, and the vanity items associated with these kinds of things hardly ever get used anyway, but, I am happy when progression is done, because, I want to raid one night a week, and then go play something else.

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