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    Amazon is amazing. I buy video games, movies, and other random things there. Their shipping time is awesome, and you can get great deals on stuff. It works for me because I live in the middle of no where, and I can't find some of the stuff I need in town. Amazon to the rescue.

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    Amazon is awesome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mende View Post
    It is trustworthy assuming you're buying directly from Amazon. If you have to go to some other seller that is listed on Amazon make sure you check out the "Seller Rating." My mom ordered Mad Men for me for Christmas from a low rated seller and we ended up never getting it. So if you can, make sure the seller is Amazon, and if you can't do that, then find the highest rated seller.
    Yes, I will be buying straight from Amazon. But thanks for the heads-up/warning!

    Also - Trying not to go too off topic here but i'm deciding between Logitech, Turtle Beach and Tritton. If anyone uses these headsets it would be greatly appreciated if you could lend your opinion on them, thanks :P

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    Yes its fairly safe.

    There was time though where I paid for something and it didn't arrive... at all. Guess I should be glad it only cost 18 dollars.

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    Quote Originally Posted by angael View Post
    Yes its fairly safe.

    There was time though where I paid for something and it didn't arrive... at all. Guess I should be glad it only cost 18 dollars.
    Hmm, hoping this was just one of those shady dealers the others were talking about. Are you from australia?

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    Ive used amazon many a times. Have only had 1 problem with them. I ordered a DVD set, that ended up at the dead letter office. I sent them a message and within a day they sent me a new one. I have also used the third party sellers a few times too. As it has been said, they are essentially ebay, but I have had no problems with them to this point. I would recommend Amazon to pretty much anyone.

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    Amazon is great, of course I live in the US. I always receive my items by the estimated delivery date and sometimes even earlier. Also, at least here in the US, if your a college student with a email ending in .edu you can get a free year of Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime = free shipping on most items and $3.99 overnight shipping (dont quote me on those prices).

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    As somebody who buys ridiculous amounts of stuff there I'd say their level of obligingness is really great without a doubt. They are very fast as well. I'd be careful though as people already mentioned with the marketplace - I tend to rather pay a couple euro more and order directly at amazon or I choose an entirely different store.
    Well and if it has to be one of the overpriced headsets I still think that sennheiser does the best job.

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    Unlike Ebay, Amazon prioritizes customer security and satisfaction over seller. I have yet to have any issues with Amazon and I've used them for years.

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    I'm just simply AMAZED by these prices on Amazon, i mean. In australia an Asus G73 can be anywhere from 2 grand, but on amazon they're only $995

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    Amazon is safe, been buying from them for 10 years and no problems yet.

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    Okay, after some hard researching ive come down to the Logitech G930.
    - If anyone thinks it's a bad decision, feel free to let me know

    Thanks for all the positive feedback everyone, greatly appreciated !

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