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    Corporal punishment = bad.

    I had a father who was drunk and abusive. When I was 15 I sent him to the hospital with broken ribs after a fight. Probably "fucked me up" so to speak as I've been labelled with paranoid personality disorder now, I've got close to no empathy for others either.

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    if u need to use corporal punishment to control your kid you have failed in the bringing up the kid right

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wells View Post
    Yeah and if you need to make your child fear you in order to behave you've already dropped the ball as a parent.

    It removes the punishment from what they did and attaches it to the consequences instead. They don't steal because its wrong, they don't steal because otherwise they get hit. Its a shitty way to raise a kid morally, and its been shown to be a shitty way to raise a kid practically.
    So much win right here.

    Knowing what you do and why it is considered to be right or wrong is what matters. Everything else is like putting a collar around your child's neck.

    It might control them, but what are you actually teaching by doing that? Nothing. I think it is truly disrespectful, it is like seeing your kid as something less than a simpleton, or indicative of a parent who is severely lacking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bergtau View Post
    I have had the opportunity and I have declined it. Call me a liar if you will, but there I things that I will not do regardless of consequences because I could not reconcile the action to myself as a person. I'm sure most people are like this too.

    Also, you are comparing a method for raising children with a method for adult law. The two will never be the same thing. Though if you want to try to compare the two, I will just point out that corporal punishment is not practiced by law in the US.
    I completely agree with everything you have said so far. If you hit the child because he has done something wrong than either you have failed to teach him what is wrong and right (and should punish yourself) or you taught it in a purely ... law kind of sense, instead of understanding WHY it is wrong. It is not wrong to steal because it is against the law, it is wrong because you cause suffering in others. I have declined possibilities to do the wrong thing as well and what I find surprising (and worrying) is that people are often flabbergasted by this.

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    Children are supposed to respect their parents, not to fear them.
    If you can't understand the difference, I can only hope you'll never have kids.

    Fear of punishment is the only incentive to not do something that somebody else perceives as "wrong" that exists.
    "Punishment", not "physical punishment". =)

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    u dont need to beat the shit out of ur child. when i was young i got spanking, and slaps in the face sometimes lol (i was a bad kid until i was maybe 11) i turned out fine because every time i was going to be hit or after i got hit i got an explanation of why i was being spanked or slapped and understood that what i did was wrong or stupid lol. and im going to do the same thing if i ever have children.

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