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    Red face What do you Love about your Mom? (*Mother Appreciation Thread*)

    I was browsing the Forums earlier and stumbled upon this sad thread.
    I figured it would be nice to discuss what things we love about our moms. Of course there are too many to list but just say whatever comes to mind.

    I'll start.
    I love how my mom can make any situation better. Like even when I'm sad or scared, she can instantly make it better. Just seeing her makes me not worry

    What do you love about your mamma?

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    bless you and your mum

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    While I haven't had a dance on de-thorned roses with my mum (these had thornes), she's still done a lot of things for me and my siblings.

    And those times of hardship has just re-inforced our relationship as it is today, having fun and just taking everything in stride.
    She has a temper but means it good most of the time, and other then that, she's a great cook and doesn't think all of my jokes horrible, goldstars for her! <3

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    It seems like she's always there to help and she's always positive. I probably don't show appreciation enough :/

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    My mum goes out and gets me food at 3am.

    Isn't that just win? :P


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    I don't trust her at all, and I generally dislike her.
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    Mums are win, period.
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    I love my mom, she's my only one, and she's been there for me for my 19 years of living. She's sick, fighting Leukemia, Schloderma, Raynauds, among dozens of other diseases because her immune system is so weak, but still manages to stay positive and focus on her family over everything despite her condition.

    She's a fighter, she's technically died twice before in '05, luckily they managed to resuscitate her, and to this day she's been deathly sick, with the Leukemia finally returning in her brain (fatal, nothing the doctor's can do anymore, maybe a couple of months left to live - what they said), but things this past week showing signs of vast improvement thanks to natural treatments and organic diets (among other things), and she may yet live for many more years to come.

    I love you so much, mom.

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    When i lived at home and was sick she took care of me selflessly

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lukem View Post
    Mums are win, period.
    Something's going on with this guy's post. Not sure what it is, though..
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    There hasn't been as patient, forgiving and caring a lady as my mother. Oh, and nobody can cook like her, at least not yet. You may annoy the shit out of me sometimes mother, but I'll still love you regardless.

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    I love the fact she knows she is a terrible cook but gives it her best every time

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    There's nobody more forgiving or caring in the world than your own mom. Nobody.

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    No other lady will be as great as your mother in your entire life.
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    She plays wow with me.

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    In no sexist manner.
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    My Mum made me a sandwich at 4am when I was drunk once or twice. Her clothes always smell so nice and clean, in a way I'm sure I could never make my own smell. Shes never yelled at me but always tells me what she thinks of me so I can get my head out of the clouds. And I've never seen one person cope with so much all by herself.

    I love you Mummy

    Thank you to Eis for this gorgeous sig! <3

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    My mom caused alot of problems for me growing up, but I love her no matter what. She genuinely cared about me and and my brothers, even though she went about it the wrong way (showering us with gifts, never disciplining, sheltering us from real life situations). I still love her and she's my favorite person to talk to.

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    That she's dead. The alcoholic leech can't bother me no more.
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