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    trump should stick to his show, and keep trying to rejuv the careers of washed up actors

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    blue moon, you saw me standing alone.. come on city!!
    what`s the saying, "only in america"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xenryusho View Post
    Really? Because it seems to me like he's not bankrupt now. Hmmmmm someone who according to you went from being 1 billion dollars in debt to being a billionaire again not fit to manage the money of a country that's in trillions of deficit in hopes of bringing that down. Definitely not qualified.

    Microsoft copied "Windows"
    Apple copied "App"
    Facebook won't let ANYONE use the words "Face" or "book" in the name of a social networking site.
    Jeffery Dahmer killed 17 people.
    McDonalds sued an child for using her last name "McDonald" for the name of her lemon aid stand.

    But no trump is the worst kind of scum.

    Yes he's so bad, he's just had more money then you've ever seen (including the opening to duck tails).

    But what they can't show is him taking 50 of his closest friends on a whirlwind vacation to paris on tax money.

    But no. Trump is the worst kind of scum

    I don't think he is the worst kind of scum myself. He's simply just a huge moron that found a niche and lucked out with being born into the right family. He saw the reality t.v. show craze that the mouth breathers of this country love to glue themselves to and attached himself to it like a big blood sucking leach. He has shown time and time again in his business decisions that its all a matter of 'what he gets out of it' in the short run and not long term planning or for the good of others around him (possible shrewd and good business practice though that's up for debate, but horrible for any presidential kind of position). He sets up projects and bows out last minute if something doesn't go exactly his way, even when already agreeing to the plan beforehand. I can't even fathom how terribly that man would run the country into the ground.

    I not really a Obama fan. He hasn't delivered really on much of anything and I'd love to see better candidates and selection. But the fact of the matter is, I would vote for almost anyone for president before I considered Donald Trump. The fact that he is even a possibility in some people's mind just shows how moronic the American public can be. Hell, I think if I got to the ballot box and saw Trump's name on the card, I wouldn't be able to finish due to the seizure I would have from laughing hysterically and weeping in bitter sorrow at the same time.

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    I would vote Pailin, if she was up against Trump. There is nothing Trump can do to change my opinion.

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    Obama never owed it to the public to show his birth certificate. He showed it to the people that mattered, the election boards. He would have been ineligible for election if he had not. Plain and simple.

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    The birth certificate is clearly fake. His birth name is not Barack Hussain obama II. It was Barry Sotero. It also says he was born in Kenya not Hawaii.

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    This has gone wildly off-topic. I'm sure there will be plenty of time to discuss all aspects of the upcoming 2012 election when the time is right.

    Closing for now.

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