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    Holy messed up Batman!

    Just saw (Pardon the pun) this on the local news. This belongs in a friggin horror movie or something.

    Plymouth, Massachusetts - April 27, 2011

    Massachusetts police are investigating an apparent murder-suicide with a power saw, and the people involved are former Vermonters.

    Police in Plymouth, Mass., say they went to check on Keith Lincoln and his wife Jettie on Monday night at the request of family members. Officers arrived and saw the 49-year-old man standing in the living room. He then picked up a circular saw and cut off one of his legs.

    Officials say police immediately forced their way into the home. Inside, they also found a woman's body and two dead dogs. Keith Lincoln died at a nearby hospital.

    Police say the couple moved to Plymouth, Mass., from southern Vermont in July.

    WCAX News

    Original Link: http://www.wcax.com/story/14521609/f...edirected=true
    We are WARRIORS man! If we can't make it bleed, we will sure as hell dent the f%^ck out of it!

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    Merely a flesh wound.
    Dont take me seriously except when I'm serious.

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    Thats just sick and disgusting O.o

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    oh god i wish i didnt read that, i'd like to be believe stuff like that would never happen beyond films, but its a harsh reality ...

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    I'm more interested what reason overpowered the basic instinct of self preservation

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    I bet it was that mary-joo-ana!!!

    [not intended to be a factual statement]

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