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    what boss to kill next? 10m H

    downed in order:



    by the way, most of the fights seemed vastly easier post patch than they did in 4.0.6. Did anyone else experience this? Heroic Atramedes [our 2nd time killing him overall] was easier than many of our normal mode kills of him.

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    From personal experience I'd say Valiona.

    Atramedes was nerfed to the ground in 4.1, and the added buffs/utility to many classes will mean there are more viable setups in 10-man raids.

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    I don't consider Atramedes HM a hardmode. All it does is add about... 6 adds in total for the entire fight? On 10m they have <200k hp. That is all that changed really.
    Conclave is pretty tough, but having a frost DK will make 1 otherwise hard facet extremely easy.
    Omnotron is very dependant, if your players can move out of shit without the need of being yelled at, shouldn't be too difficult then.
    Valiona is easy with a sub rogue.

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