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    Mr. Robot...

    Is telling me Jar of Ancient Remedies is BiS along with my Tyrande's, although I'm currently sporting Tyrande's and Tsunami. Did Mr. Robot just go apeshit? I just can't see how regen can outperform 321 passive intellect AND regen.

    Answers please, thanks in advance.

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    I wouldn't take its conclusions seriously, because throughput and regen are contradictory gear goals, and there is no way to model the value of them both combined without making very specific assumptions about encounters that can never really be remotely general in nature.

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    Well, I pretty much just use it as a BiS list of sorts, but it seems to be failing in that regard as well... I guess it's just getting confused between regen and throughput and making the wrong choices.

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    You must have the "Healer Preference" set to mana conservation instead of healing throughput. If I change mine from throughput to conservation, my BiS trinks match yours. Also, it changes the enchant on my staff from Power Torrent to Heartsong, among other things.
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    I have also been using Mr Robot for some ideas on reforging and whatnot. It really changed its mind about what to reforge for since the patch, asking me to replace mastery with critical strike. It has moved me up about 2% crit and down about 2% haste. Raid buffed I would be about 15% haste and approx 20% crit. It is also asking me to gem for crit (?) in my orange slots where I currently have int/haste gems. The BIS shows the Jar for me as well, where it was highly buried in the list pre patch. I have the setting at "Healing Thouroughput" currently. I am trying this setup next raid because I am tasked with tank healing quite frequently and I believe the haste is still usable, but I remain slightly unconvinced, especially with such an abrupt about face on what should be the stat distribution.

    I still remain just over 14.5 mastery.
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    I wouldn't place too much blind faith in Mr Robot's desire for secondary stats. This is much more a personal preference than anything else. For example, Mr Robot always advice you to reforge away from haste, but if you are doing heroic raids, that haste is actually quite useful. I also personally believe that Mr Robot value mastery a little too much and crit way too much. Neither are bad stats, but it ultimately boils down to personal preference.

    What Mr Robot does well is to show you which upgrades are available. This is much more useful for players who are still requiring new gear than those of us trying to minmax though.

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